Building Hope: CALA Homes and Samaritans Triumph at Business Charity Awards

CALA Homes and Samaritans have been honored with the prestigious Charity Partnership Award at the Business Charity Awards 2024, celebrating their collaborative efforts to improve mental health and emotional wellbeing in the construction industry.

A Partnership for Change

The alliance between CALA Homes and Samaritans has set a new benchmark for corporate-charity collaborations, earning them the Charity Partnership Award in the property and construction category.

The first paragraph would outline the partnership’s genesis, focusing on the alarming statistic that construction workers are nearly four times more likely to die by suicide than the general public.

In the second paragraph, the narrative would delve into the ‘Building Better Emotional Wellbeing’ campaign, which has been pivotal in shifting the conversation around mental health within CALA Homes.

CALA Homes Samaritans partnership celebration

The third paragraph would highlight the financial aspect of the partnership, with CALA Homes contributing over £620,000 to Samaritans, equating to the cost of responding to 124,000 calls for help.

Impact and Outreach

The collaboration’s impact extends beyond financial contributions, fostering a culture of support and openness around mental health issues among employees and subcontractors.

The first paragraph would discuss the initiatives undertaken to equip CALA Homes’ workforce with the skills to support one another and break down mental health stigmas.

In the second paragraph, the focus would shift to the wider wellbeing strategy of CALA Homes, which aligns with Samaritans’ mission to provide lifesaving support and reduce suicide rates.

The third paragraph would explore the ongoing efforts of both organizations to continue this vital work, emphasizing their commitment to building a better culture around emotional health.

Voices of Leadership

The award has been met with pride and gratitude by the leaders of both organizations, who recognize the importance of their joint mission.

The first paragraph would feature a statement from Louise Poole, Group People Director at CALA Homes, expressing pride in the partnership’s achievements and its alignment with the company’s broader wellbeing strategy.

In the second paragraph, Jason Jaspal, Assistant Director of Business Development at Samaritans, would share his delight at the recognition, attributing the success to the collective efforts of CALA colleagues.

The third paragraph would conclude with reflections on the partnership’s future, looking ahead to continued collaboration and the aspiration to foster lasting positive change in the industry.

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