How To Remove Tattoo Naturally?

Many people have very beautiful tattoos that they can never remove. This is usually due to them being in a permanent state or done using expensive equipment that requires special training. Fortunately, you do not need professional help to achieve the best results when it comes to removing your own tattoo.

There are several methods that work for most individuals. Some of these are even possible at home to do yourself! In this article, we will talk about some easy ways to get rid of dark ink and lighter shades of skin tone pigment. If necessary, also check out our list of helpful tips for more difficult situations.

Removing darker ink depends mostly on choosing an appropriate color match as well as finding a method that works with the pigments already present in the area. For example, if there are lots of reds and oranges in your design, then trying to cover those up may result in a new pattern that includes similar colors.

Lightly rubbing away dead cells and replacing them with fresh ones sometimes helps. Using a good quality cream like A&D Clearance Medical Acne Treatement Cream could be your solution here. Make sure to wash your hands after use so no one gets any unwanted bacteria or chemicals on their skin.

Removal of white ink often involves simply washing your hands and letting dry. You can also use a hand soap that does not contain alcohol or buffered chlorine bleach to avoid stripping too much healthy skin layer.

Expose your skin to sunlight

how to remove tattoo naturally

An easy way to remove any kind of tattoo is by exposing your skin to direct sun light. When you do this, your body naturally produces more vitamin D which helps in removing the ink.

You can also use a tanning bed or natural indoor lighting for exposure to sunlight.

By doing so, it will help promote healthy collagen growth and aid in fading of the tattoo.

However, make sure to only expose yourself to short amounts of sunshine as too much can be harmful to your health. Also, remember that most gel tattoos are made of alcohol-based adhesives which may dry out and hurt exposed areas.

Use a scrub


There are many different types of tattoo removal products that work differently for different people. Some use heat, some use light, some use chemicals, and some use both chemical and photodynamic treatments. All depend on your skin type and what kind of tattoos you have!

Most importantly, if one product doesn’t seem to be working, try anotherone! The vast majority of people who remove their own tattoos do not go into it as quickly as they get themselves in trouble!

The best way to remove any sort of ink is by using the right tools. Luckily, there are a few great ones available now that can help!

Scrubs are an easy way to begin removing your old artwork. Many people start with lighter shades first to see if that works better than darker shades. A lot of people also add sugar or salt to the scrub to improve the effectiveness of the treatment!

Using a proper number of touches per inch will also make a difference.

Use lemon juice

how to remove tattoo naturally

There are several recipes that work for most people when trying to remove tattoos with natural means. One of the easiest ways is to use fresh lemon juice.

Lemon contains citric acid which helps break down scar tissue. When applied directly onto the skin, it can also help promote new cell growth which makes your tattoo fade or even come off completely.

You will need to apply enough liquid so that you get an adequate amount of exposure to the ink in the pores of the skin. You should be careful not to overdo it though as this could cause more damage!

Removing all the dirt and grime under a shower is always a good first step before applying the cream or gel. If there are any leftover chemicals after washing, simply wash yourself again until they have cleared out of your system.

Use apple cider vinegar

how to remove tattoo naturally

There are many ways to remove tattoos that use natural products. One of the most common methods is using acid as an inker removal agent. Certain types of acids can etch away layers of skin, removing both old ink and newer growths.

Acid gel inks usually contain malic or lactic acid. These are weaker chemicals than citric acid, which contains oxygen. Therefore, they take longer to work but they will also etch off any remnant ink that has not yet set into your skin.

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is a perfect candidate for this! Not only does it taste good, ACV acts as a topical antimicrobial agent, helping prevent infection. It also removes other surface layerings such as dried makeup so you do not have to be too careful about washing your face after applying ACV onto your tattoo.

Removing the top layer of skin with ACV will help promote new cell growth and healing.

Use salt

how to remove tattoo naturally

There are several different ways to remove a tattoo you have already finished having. Some of these methods work more quickly, while others take longer depending on your skin type and how dark or light the ink is.

The easiest way to remove any kind of cosmetic tattoo (meaning it does not require special tools or professional help) is using an alcohol-based cleanser along with repeated applications of rubbing alcohol or plain water mixed with one drop of ammonia per two ounces of water.

Mix them together in a ratio of 1 part alcohol to 2 parts acid wash and apply that directly onto the area for at least 30 seconds until the liquid has dried. Repeat this process as needed until the ink comes out.

Some people say that olive oil works similarly to removing tattoos so try mixing water and milk in equal amounts and applying that like the acid solution mentioned before. Make sure to let each layer dry thoroughly before moving on to the next step.

Use alcohol


There are several ways to remove tattoos that do not use chemicals or expensive equipment, but instead rely on something we all have access to: alcohol!

Most people know how to use alcohol as a disinfectant, so using alcohol as a removal agent is not new information. It works by breaking down surface molecules of the ink and removing them- just make sure you never apply too much pressure as this could cause skin slippage which would be difficult to re-cover.

There are two main types of alcohol used in tattoo removal: gel and liquid forms. Both work well for different colors and styles, however some may be more effective than others depending on the ink and skin type.

Google ‘how to remove dark blue tats’ or ‘remove black tribal art’ to find tips and tricks specific color treatments.

Use hydrogen peroxide


Hydrogen peroxide is one of the most common chemical products found in drugstores. It can be consumed directly or used as an ingredient for other medications or treatments.

Many people use peroxide as skin bleaching agent, to remove tattoos or even treat acne. It works by breaking down dead cells that stick to the surface of the skin, making it more visible.

There are several ways to apply hydrogen peroxide to your tattoo to see if it removes pigment. You can either soak the area in a solution of hydrogen peroxide, drybrush the product onto the skin, or use a wash-off gel version.

Removing all of the ink takes repeated applications and varies depending on what kind you use. On the first few days at least, you will probably notice the skin getting red and swollen due to the removal process. This goes away within a week.

Use chamomile tea


Many people use tea as a way to wash their skin off or to treat dry, flaky skin conditions. Tea is often considered more expensive than water, but you can find cheap teas at most grocery stores.

Chamomile is an especially good option because it does not contain any alcohol. Alcohol removes all of the ink from your body, so making sure there is no trace left will help prevent fading and/or scarring.

You can make a batch of tea using one cup of dried chamomile flowers (these should be brewed in boiling water) and then applying this solution directly onto your tattoo. Leave it overnight and rinse with warm water the next day. Repeat until you get the best result possible.

Note: Do not ingest the tea! Only apply it to your skin.

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