Jungle Juice Recipe With Candy

Many people have experimented with different recipes for homemade jungle juice, also known as vitamin D liquid or calciferol drink mix. Some of these recipes include adding additional ingredients such as oranges, milk, cocoa powder, and/or sweeteners.

Many believe drinking this mixture helps your body to absorb more nutrients from your daily diet, particularly your skin. It also aids in promoting strong bones and muscles, helping to prevent bone loss and muscle wasting due to chronic illness or injury.

However, one must be careful not to overdo it because overdosing on Vitamin D can do the opposite-harming your health. Therefore, let us look at some tips on how to make your own healthy jungle juice!

Tips For Making Your Own Homemade Jungle Juice

Reminder: Although eating enough fruits and vegetables is important, nutritional supplements are not necessarily advised for everyone. Only use these if you know they work and will help you to improve your overall health.

There are many ways to achieve adequate vitamin D intake through natural means. To ensure that you get the right amount, we recommend reading our article: How to Get More Vitamin D.

Directions for a recipe of jungle juice with candy

jungle juice recipe with candy

For this recipe, you will need one cup coconut milk, one tablespoon agave nectar, one teaspoon vanilla extract, and one packet liquid glucose or sugar-sweetened powdery drink mix such as Anodyne (these are usually found in grocery stores).

Mix these ingredients together in a glass container and stir until it is dissolved. Add two cups of your favorite fruits and blend again!

This recipe makes about 2½–3 jars depending on how much fruit you use. You can store these drinks in the refrigerator and take them as a refreshment during the day or to serve at parties.

1) Put apple slices in the blender


For the next step, add an apple slice to your blender. You can do this before or after the initial start of the process!

Now blend away and see what kind of delicious juices you make! This will depend on which fruits you use and how much of each fruit you have. If you like it more sweet, then slightly increase the amount of sugar that you use.

The best way to determine if your drink is too thick is to pour some onto a glass plate. If the juice seeps through then the recipe was successful!’t mix it back into the machine until it is thinner consistency.

Drink this healthy beverage while watching TV or doing other activities so that you don’t need to be in close proximity to make sure nothing gets wasted! :)”

*TIP: Depending on your preference, you can either run the liquid through a second time using less fat milk or no milk at all! Or you can just taste test it to see which one you prefer.

2) Put lemon slices in the blender

jungle juice recipe with candy


3) Put honey in the blender


Now, add your cinnamon and cocoa mix to the honey! Mix well and set aside until it has dissolved into the mixture.

After this step, you will have an orangey-brown liquid that smells delicious. It is important to note that this liquid can be consumed directly or stored for later use. If you plan to drink it immediately, make sure to whisk it properly to break down any clumps.

To test if the chocolate and cinnamon are both mixed in sufficiently, put one drop of the liquid onto a piece of wax paper. If it does not pick up any color then there is not enough cocoa powder or cinnamon added and the liquid will not taste good.

4) Pour into a glass and stir


Now, add in some more ingredients! You can try adding one or many of these, depending on your taste!

1 cinnamon stick

2-3 thin slices lemon

A few drops of liquid glucose (or sugar syrup if you have it)

Agave nectar to taste

Stir all together in a bottle with an attached straw!

Drink this drink slowly and enjoy how sweet and delicious it is! If you like it less sweet, you can always add more agave nectar until you reach your preferred sweetness.

This recipe was inspired by a popular beverage called V8 juice that contains tomato juice, vegetable juices such as cucumber, and flavorings such as salt and garlic powder.

5) Enjoy!


After you have mixed all of your ingredients, now is the time to enjoy your drink! If you like more flavor, then add some extra fruits or spices to taste. Some people also adds cinnamon or ginger powder to give it an even better taste.

Drink this new mix as soon as possible so that it can be absorbed by your body and noticed effects will occur within minutes.

Once done, throw away the leftover materials and start over if needed. Make sure to keep yourself well hydrated while drinking this beverage since sugar content can remain in your body for a long time.

6) Jungle juice is a combination of many fruits and vegetables that your body needs

jungle juice recipe with candy

While most people know about green juices, there are several other types of juices made from different combinations of fruits and veggies. These include red juicess, black drink recipes, citrus drinks, and jungle or mixed vegetable juices.

All of these variations contain various amounts of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help keep you healthy.

Some of these healthier alternatives to classic white grape juice are sweet oranges in combination with greens such as spinach or broccoli.

7) It also has many antioxidants and vitamins


Many people add green juice to their diets to enjoy all of these benefits, but you can make it at home easily!

Here is one easy way to make your own fresh fruit juices at home! Simply combine equal parts of raw fruits or vegetables with some water in a blender and mix until you get a beautiful color and taste.

These recipes are low-cost and very nutritious, so they are a great start if you are new to juicing or need extra help recovering from surgery.”

This recipe for jungle juice was inspired by one that uses oranges as the base.

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