Can You Use Deodorant Under Belly Fat?

As we age, our under-bodies can begin to lose some of their elasticity and fat is one of the biggest culprits. When enough body fat is present, it acts as an insulator or barrier that prevents your skin from sticking to other layers like muscles or bones. This process happens naturally as you grow older, but in overweight individuals, it may be more prevalent than normal.

With all of this excess body fat, there are two things that can happen: pores get bigger making it harder to see what’s underneath (this is referred to as “pear shaped”) and thicker hairs become heavier which cover up any hair that is already thinning out. Both of these occur more frequently with aging and don’t affect how well you smell!

However, as people become increasingly aware about external factors such as hygiene and self-image, questions have arisen regarding whether or not someone with lots of stomach fat could apply deodorant effectively and if they would work just as well as those who are thinner.

Fortunately, we have some helpful information for you here!

Can You Apply Makeup Underneath All That Rolled Up Butter?

Many people enjoy applying makeup to themselves, even if they feel a little bit draggy or tired. While most people believe that you can apply make sure anywhere you want to look your best, some might wonder if it looks better elsewhere due to all of the coverage.

You should

can you use deodorant under belly fat

There are two main reasons why people say you can’t use deodorant under your belly fat. The first is that it will not stay in place due to the weight of the body.

The second reason some give for this is that stomach acid may cause the product to break down, which could lead to skin issues or health problems. Both of these theories are very vague and do not justify giving up one of the most important personal hygiene products.

We at The Body Shop believe in making high quality natural products so we have no rule about whether or not you can use our deodorants underneath your gut. If you want to try it out for yourself, we recommend doing a small patch test first!

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You shouldn’t

can you use deodorant under belly fat

Many people believe that you can use deodorant under your belly fat, but this isn’t true. As we age, our bodies start to store more of the glucose in our blood as adipose tissue (fat). This occurs because insulin doesn’t seem to be able to pull the glucose out of the blood as effectively.

As such, there are sometimes excess amounts of glucose left over in the body. When these leftover gluocses get converted into hormones, they may also contribute to the development or worsening of other health conditions like hypertension (high blood pressure) or type 2 diabetes.

Because abdominal obesity is linked with these health problems, it makes sense to try to reduce it by using an antiperspirant under your waistline.

You can’t tell

can you use deodorant under belly fat

Many people believe that you cannot use deodorant under your belly fat, but this just isn’t true! If you have very thin or moderate amount of body fat, then it is perfectly acceptable to cover yourself in antiperspirant as soon as possible!

However, if you find that your waist line has started to grow thicker due to excess abdominal weight, then it is better to avoid using an antiperspirant until you have lost some extra padding. This is because most brands of antiperspirants require skin to be at least semi-transparent for them to work effectively, and heavier skin will make this impossible!

Instead, try rubbing all over shower balls or washcloths made from natural materials like cotton or hemp. These will still do their job while not containing any chemicals that could potentially harm you.

It all depends on your belly fat

can you use deodorant under belly fat

For those who feel their under-bust deodorants are not working, try applying it directly onto your stomach. Your body may be more tolerant of thicker products in this area!

Many people begin using off-the-shelf natural deodorants at around year round season or hot weather when they have less skin exposure to prevent unnecessary wetness or sweating.

As we age, our hormones start to decrease which can result in higher perspiration levels. If you are conscious about whether or not you need an extra layer of protection, then apply some drops directly onto your stomach for testing purposes.

You’ll stink

can you use deodorant under belly fat

Most people are aware of the fact that having more body fat can sometimes make your under-skin smell worse, particularly in the area where most people apply deodorants or antiperspirants.

This article will discuss whether it is possible to use deodorant as you would normally while you have excess stomach fat. It may be easier than you think!

Many brands of heavy duty anti-perspirant (AAP) products contain alcohol which helps strip away dead skin cells. This means some people may be able to use their current brand for belly fat.

However, we recommend staying well hydrated and/or trying another product style before using one under excessive amounts of body fat.

You won’t stink


Many people believe that using deodorant under your belly fat is not effective, because they think you will just feel more oily. However, this assumption is false!

When we sweat, our bodies go through a process to rid themselves of excess water and salt. This process includes taking in additional fluid from the environment, and having it re-evaporate so that you don’t remain wet for very long. If you are thinking about wearing thinner clothing due to weight loss, then this article can help!

Thicker layers of cloth do not prevent perspiration as well as lighter ones do. It is important to realize this before trying to layer up even tighter than you already do.

By educating yourself on this topic, you will be able to determine the best time to apply your favorite deodorant.

You’ll notice a difference


Some people feel that under-the-shirt deodorants are only for boys, or at least they think it is funny to say so. But using one under your belly fat is totally legit!

Many women find that when they use a light layer of natural deodorant under their bods, their legs look thinner because the skin seems to roll up more. This also helps reduce dry patches in the area due to the fact that you don’t have to worry about moisture being pulled away by the shirt as much.

Some people believe that this trick actually works better than regular visible-stick deodorants because the chemicals penetrate deeper into the skin. However, there is no scientific proof of this claim yet.

But we do know that applying a good amount of sun protection factor (SPF) moisturizer right after showering will help keep your dry skin protected while you dress yourself.

You won’t notice a difference


Many people believe that trying to use deodorant under your belly fat will not work, because they think you can just sort of roll it up or apply more layer upon layer like you would with normal skin.

However, our body naturally produce sweat which contains odor-causing molecules. When this secreted out through pores, we refer to it as perspiration.

When there is too much perspiration, then this must be reined in otherwise health problems could occur. For example, when someone is very hot, they might stop sweating so quickly, leading to heat stroke.

Thinking about all of the extra layers of clothing some people wear today (flannel shirts and sweatshirts) made me wonder if applying deodorant could actually help! I decided to do an experiment to find out.

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