When Are Guavas In Season?

Now that we have all enjoyed some delicious fruits and berries of spring, it is time to move onto season two fruit! That means starting with gourds or squashes! These are not your average summer squash like zucchini and yellow crooknecks. They are much wider and longer. Some examples include but are not limited to: buttercup, acorn, snake skin, green pattypan, white cushion, gray mushoosey, and longneck.

These hardshell gourds cook up more quickly than most vegetables because they contain starch. This gives them slightly sweeter flavor and makes them easier to enjoy when cooked down. However, make sure to wash each one individually first to remove any dried out pieces or glue that may be attached.

Guavas are a tasty fruit that can be used in many dishes

when are guavas in season

While most fruits grow naturally when they’re in season, guava trees do not. They must be picked every few months to keep producing them, which is why it’s so hard to find fresh ones at times.

That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this delicious berry though! There are several ways to use dried or frozen guavas in recipes, and you’ll probably know how to cook them already!

But what if you want to make sure those healthy benefits of guavas shine through?

When guavas are in season, they should be purchased and consumed as much as possible. Luckily for us, there are some guidelines about when they’re typically available and how to tell if they’re worth buying fresh.

Try making guava paste

when are guavas in season

This recipe for homemade guava paste is perfect to do while this season has you craving some guava flavor!

Making your own guava paste will not only taste better, but it can also be much healthier than buying pre-made guava spread or jelly. Grate the flesh of two fresh guavas into a bowl and add one cup of sugar per half cup of guava pulp to form a paste like consistency.

You can then pour the paste onto greased baking sheets and refrigerate until set. Be sure to stir the mixture every few hours so that no lumps form. You can then use the paste in recipes such as curries, salads, or even just by spreading it on toast!

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Guava salad

when are guavas in season

One of our favorite recipes for a guava snack or meal is called guava salad! This delicious dish is full of flavor, and can be made easily at home.

In this recipe, you will need one ripe guava per person. If there are leftover pieces, that’s okay, but make sure to add them into the next batch of guava salad!

The second part of the ingredient list includes olive oil, salt, pepper, and red bell pepper. The reason these ingredients are included here is because the olive oil, salt, and pepper contribute additional flavors to the guava.

After everything is mixed together, taste it! We like to mix ours mostly with our hands so that we can really feel how salty the salsa is and taste all of the different components.

Guava juice


While guava is most famous for its delicious flavor, some health benefits have been discussed as well. One of these is an antioxidant rich pulp that can be consumed directly or mixed into foods or beverages.

Guava powder has been marketed as a nutritional supplement due to its high vitamin content. Unfortunately, few studies exist assessing whether this ingredient actually helps us meet our daily nutrition needs.

When active components of guava are tested in vitro (or in test tubes) or in animal models, no significant effects or even harmful changes occur at typical use levels. However using too much may pose risk, so we cannot make any definitive statements about guava’s safety until more research has been done.

Overall, we do not recommend buying guava supplements unless they are specifically indicated to be an oral dietary supplement or used in a clinical trial. Due to lack of effectiveness and potential risks, we also discourage their inclusion in diets nor replacement of other fruits that might contribute enough antioxidants already.

Guava pie

when are guavas in season

In addition to being delicious, guava is also known for its health benefits. Besides tasting great, guavas can soothe sunburns and boost your skin’s natural defenses against infectious agents. Plus, they’re full of antioxidants that help keep your heart healthy.

A few years ago, we may have called these ruby-red fruits “guay leaves,” but now we know them as “Guava Pie.” This recipe was made famous when it appeared on The Best of Food Bests via YouTube. Since then, many people have tried making their own versions of this dessert!

If you would like to try baking some guava pies or make your own version, there are several recipes out there. Some even include sweetening the fruit with sugar instead of using honey.

Guava chips


With all of these new recipes, one must be careful to not go too heavy with the toppings or the chip will get soggy and lose its crispness.

That is why having fresh guava chips is so important! If you are ever struggling to find guava chunks, here are some tips for making your own.

In order to have great guava chips, there should be at least two months between when the fruit is picked and when it is processed. This allows for enough time to dry out the flesh of the guava.

To make sure that they are crispy, the potatoes need to be cooked until very soft. Then, the patients can be mixed into the guavas and dried. You may want to do this several times until the chips are just like dry bread.

Overall, eating healthy does not mean that you cannot enjoy salty foods every now and then.

Try making a guava tart

when are guavas in season

With all of these recipes, try to add one more step or change an ingredient slightly to make a variation. My favorite way to enjoy them is as a breakfast item either warm or cold with cream!

They are also great for eating out as a snack or dessert. They can be expensive if you don’t know how to prepare them properly! Luckily, we have some tips here for you.

Making your own guava tarts will save you money! And probably help keep the environment clean too, since they’re made mostly from fruits.

Try making a guava sorbet


While most fruits are in season all year round, dried or salted guavas can be a bit tricky. They may not taste as good due to their dry texture and salty flavor.

That is why some recipes call for soaking them in water first! This removes some of the sourness that makes eating them difficult.

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