Mexican Candy Shot Recipe With Chamoy

Chamoy is a type of sauce commonly used in Mexican cuisine. It is typically paired with fruits such as oranges or pineapple to add flavor and texture. Chamoy can also be found in bottles in the grocery store, making it very accessible.

Chamoy consists of chamoy seeds, vinegar, salt, and sometimes garlic or peppers. These ingredients are mixed together and then strained for a smooth consistency.

Chamoy sauce is used to add flavor to many foods such as fruits, chips, and candy. Candy shot recipes are popular among college students due to their ease of make and consume. Candy shots are made with hard candy that is poured into a glass where a liquid alcohol is poured over it, then shot out using a cocktail shooter or spoon.

Buy chamoy

mexican candy shot recipe with chamoy

Although making your own chamoy is possible, it is not recommended as it can be a little tricky. Instead, buy pre-made chamoy at a Mexican market or grocery store. You can also find it online if you do not have access to these other places.

Chamoy is simply agave nectar mixed with diced fruits and spices. Most recipes include pineapple, apple, and/or pear as well as chili peppers for spice. These are simply mixed together and allowed to sit until thickened, usually due to the agave nectar taking some time to dissolve.

There are two reasons you would want to use your own chamoy instead of buying it at the store. The first is cost-saving, the second is customization. As mentioned before, you can make your own chamoy using ingredients you have on hand or that are cheap at the market.

Mix equal parts chamoy and Mexican candy shot mix

mexican candy shot recipe with chamoy

Chamoy is a sweet and sour sauce that is very popular in Mexican cuisine. It is made with pickled carrots and onions, garlic, vinegar, and spices like cumin and chili pepper.

Many drinks are made with chamoy, including chamoy soft drinks. Because chamoy is a sauce, it is easy to mix it with other things- like candy!

Chamoy candy shots are very easy to make. All you have to do is mix equal parts chamoy and your favorite shot drink mixer. Let them sit together for a few minutes so the chamoy flavors seep in, then serve!

These are super colorful and fun to make.

Serve to guests

mexican candy shot recipe with chamoy

Once you have made your Mexican candy shot recipe, you can serve them to guests. Have all the ingredients set out on a table with lids and a bowl for the chamoy sauce.

Guests can pour their own shot glass and then fill it with the candy mixture. You can set out extra ingredients if someone wants to make a different candy shot. People can also just eat the candy as snacks if they do not want to make drinks.

Chamoy is a spicy mayonnaise-like sauce that is used often in Mexican cuisine. It pairs well with all sorts of snacks, including fruit! Using it as a topping or mixing it into the shots makes for an even better appetizer or dessert.

These are very popular at parties, so make enough for everyone! Even if people do not like liquor, these are still delicious and fun to eat.

Keep in cool place

mexican candy shot recipe with chamoy

Once you have made your Mexican candy shot recipe, you will need to keep it in a cool place until you are ready to serve them. You can keep them in the fridge, but they will melt when taken out of the refrigerator, so be careful!

Chamoy is a fermented fruit sauce that gives the candy shots their tangy flavor. As mentioned before, you can use any type of fruit for the chamoy, depending on your taste. Once made, the chamoy will stay good in the fridge for about one week.

Aside from using the chamoy as a part of the Mexican candy shot recipe, you can use it as a dip for veggies or chips! It is a tasty and healthy alternative to traditional ranch dressing.

Use fresh ingredients

mexican candy shot recipe with chamoy

When making your Mexican candy shot recipe, make sure to use fresh ingredients. You want to make sure that your chamoy is not too salty, the jello is not too sweet, and the fruit is not too sour.

Chamoy is a pickled fruit sauce that gives a nice tangy flavor to the shot. The jello can be any flavor but we suggest using a lighter color like vanilla or ivory so it matches the chamoy sauce. The melted chocolate needs to be dark for contrast with the other ingredients.

Other suggestions for ingredients include adding nuts or coconut flakes into the chocolate melted paste or adding whipped cream on top. These add complementary flavors that make the shots even better!

Making your own candy shots is a fun way to spend an afternoon with friends.

Use good quality liquor

mexican candy shot recipe with chamoy

When making your Mexican candy shot recipe with chamoy, you want to make sure you use good quality liquor. You do not want a bad taste coming through the candy or the chamoy sauce.

Many people use vodka as a base for their shots, but you can use rum, tequila, or whiskey depending on the candy you are making. For example, tequila is used in tequila jelly shots, so using gelatin would be difficult as it is made of meat.

Also, make sure that you are using enough liquor to coat the candies in the shot. If you do not have enough liquid, then your shot may be too strong and taste weird. Make sure to test it before serving to everyone!

The best way to purchase liquor is in cases via online sales where it is cheaper per bottle.

Use good quality fruit juice

mexican candy shot recipe with chamoy

When making your Mexican candy shots, you want to make sure that you use good quality fruit juice. You do not want the shot to have a strong artificial or bad tasting juice flavor.

Many supermarkets carry their own brand of fruit juices that are pretty good quality. If you know a local grocery store that carries high quality juices, then go for that!

You can also use coconut water or even plain water as the liquid portion of the shot if you do not have any juice on hand. As long as it is not overly salted, it will taste good!

Chamoy is a popular topping for these shots, so if you do not have any already made, try to find some high quality chamoy recipe ingredients to make your own.

Have variety of flavors available


Having a variety of flavors for your candies will encourage more people to try them. You can either do a mix of chocolate and caramel or have separate containers for each flavor.

People will dig through to find their favorite flavor which adds fun to the snack. A little chamoy sauce adds some extra flair as well!

Chamoy is a type of condiment made from fruits, spices, and vinegar. It is very popular in Mexico and used on many snacks there. It pairs well with chocolate and caramel so it is a nice addition to your shooter glasses.

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