Rumchata And Fireball Tipsy Bartender

Cocktail season is in full force, and with spring just around the corner, people will be doing more outdoor drinking. What drink is best for outdoor drinking?

Summer cocktails are usually associated with fruity drinks. However, those can be hard to drink due to the sweetness. The best summer cocktail is one you can sip on all night!

The best kind of summer cocktails are light and refreshing ones. Some favorites include mint juleps, virgin mojitos, and gin and tonics. All of these have a common ingredient- gin!

To make a classic gin and tonic, first pour tonic water into a glass then add ice then gin then stir until it is mixed well. Then, pour soda water onto the grass to celebrate spring!

Here are some other cocktails that are perfect for spring: The first is a whisky sour.

Pour 1/2 oz of fireball

rumchata and fireball tipsy bartender

Next, pour 1/2 oz of rumchata into the glass. If you do not have rumchata, you can sub in milk or cream instead.

Fireball and rumchata are both favorite liqueurs to use in hot chocolate drinks. They both have a rich flavor that works well together.

Fireball is slightly spicier than the vanilla and honey notes of rumchata, so make sure you mix them well so no one gets a spicy shot!

A common mistake people make when making these drinks is pouring the shot of fireball first, then adding the whole bottle of rumchata. This does not taste good! Make sure to pour the whole 1/2 oz of rumchata first then add the fireball so it floats on top.

Add cinnamon to taste

rumchata and fireball tipsy bartender

This is a very subtle addition that most people do not consider. Cinnamon can add a nice flavor to your cocktail, but you have to use the right amount.

Too much cinnamon can make your cocktail taste like a candy apple! This is not a bad thing, but it can take away from the other flavors.

Like all spices, too much cinnamon can be overpowering. Make sure to test your drink with enough cinnamon added in and see if you like it!

Cinnamon can work well with other flavors in cocktails, such as cocoa or nutmeg. Try adding a little of these to your next chocolate cocoa cocktail to see what kind of effect it has!

The best way to prepare cinnamon for cocktails is to get whole sticks and grate them onto a plate. Then, pick up the grated cinnamon with a spoon and add it to the drink. This way, the stick does not get stuck in the drink.

Mix together and serve on the rocks

rumchata and fireball tipsy bartender

Another fun way to use your flavored vodka is to mix it with other spirits and serve it on the rocks. You can mix it with tequila, rum, or whiskey!

Most people associate flavored vodka with cocktail shakers, but you can actually just pour the liquor into the glass with the ice and call it a day. That is how simple it is to use flavored vodka in this way!

These are some easy tricks to use your leftover bottles of flavored vodka. If you do not have any left, go out and buy some- you will find lots of uses for it. Whether you are a bartender or not, these tips will help you spend less time buying more alcohol and more time making your drinks perfect.


rumchata and fireball tipsy bartender

This is a fun way to enjoy your evening with friends, and it only gets better the more rounds you make. As long as you have enough cream liqueur and whiskey, you are set!

You can also try different variations of this cocktail. Some include replacing the rum with vodka or replacing the whiskey with bourbon. Feel free to experiment!

I hope you enjoy making this cocktail and share it with your friends- either casual drinkers or hard drinkers.

Can also use vanilla vodka instead of fire ball

rumchata and fireball tipsy bartender

If you do not like cinnamon flavored drinks, then you can also use vanilla vodka instead of the Fireball. Just make sure to get high-quality vanilla vodka, like Van Gogh!

The golden color of the drink comes from the honey used in the Rumchata mix. The darker color honey you use, the darker the cocktail will be. You can also use sugar free honey for a less sweet and rich flavor.

Other liquors such as tequila or bourbon can be used in place of rum. This would make it a different cocktail entirely, but still delicious!

This drink is easy to make so you can either serve it yourself or let your guests help themselves. If someone accidentally spills their drink, just make another one! You can never have too many potions of butterbeer at Hogwarts.

Add more rumchata or more fire ball to taste

rumchata and fireball tipsy bartender

Now that you know how to make a delicious and decadent rumchata and fireball cocktail, you will be a pro at making them. Try experimenting with different amounts of each to see what you like best!

People always appreciate when someone can make a decent cocktail, so this is a great way to show off your mixing skills. Let your creativity flow and make some awesome cocktails!

We hope you have learned how to make a nice, spicy cocktail that is refreshing and not too heavy. These are perfect for summer, or any season for that matter! Show off your skills and share with your friends- they will definitely appreciate it.

Sprinkle some cinnamon on top for presentation

rumchata and fireball tipsy bartender

Now that you know how to make a creamy and rich chocolate martini, you will be ready for any holiday party or event. People will be impressed with your creativity and delicious drink!

This cocktail is a crowd-favorite and goes quickly at parties. Make sure to make enough for everyone!

There are many variations of the chocolate martini, so try experimenting with different liquors and toppings to see what people like. Some try adding espresso flavoring, coconut milk instead of cream, or sprinkles on top.

Overall, the chocolate martini is a great drink to make and share. It is easy to remember the ingredients for the cocktail, and it is not hard to get rid of leftover Martinis.

Great holiday drink

rumchata and fireball tipsy bartender

The Rumchata and Fireball combo is a great holiday drink. It is very similar to the classic mojito. You just replace the mint with cinnamon!

The rumchata mix comes in a few flavors, including original, chocolate, and salted caramel. Any of these work well for the cocktail, however we recommend using original or chocolate as it goes best with the cinnamon.

Like mentioned before, you can use any type of milk for this cocktail, however cream will make it even more rich and creamy. If you want to stay away from dairy, then use almond milk! It will still taste great.

This drink is perfect if you are doing some Christmas shopping or just hanging out with friends and family.

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