Lottery Winner Who Bagged £22M and Bought Castle Found Dead Alone in Scots Flat

Paul Maddison, a former double-glazing salesman, once shared a staggering £22 million jackpot with a friend shortly after the National Lottery’s 1994 launch. His newfound wealth allowed him to purchase a Scottish castle, but in a surprising turn of events, he was living alone in a modest flat in Perthshire when he passed away at the age of 73.

A Reclusive Millionaire

Paul’s story took an unexpected twist as he moved from Hastings in Sussex to Scotland, becoming increasingly reclusive. Despite once owning a 16th-century castle called Robgill Tower near Dumfries, which he bought for £650,000, Paul eventually downsized. The castle was later sold for a significant profit of £1.25 million three years ago.

Paul Maddison

Legacy and Inheritance

Paul’s will revealed that he left his £3.8 million fortune to Thelma Todd, the sister of his fourth wife, Evelyn, who had passed away earlier. However, a substantial inheritance tax bill of £1.4 million reduced the total value of the estate to just over £2.45 million. Legal documents indicate that Paul owned four properties in the area, worth £865,000, and had five bank accounts holding approximately £3 million. Additionally, he left assets valued at £4,685 according to an auctioneer.

A Frugal Lifestyle

Neighbors remembered Paul as living a frugal lifestyle. There were no signs of extravagance, and he was famously stingy. His daughters, Sasha and Stacey, both living in Sussex, can legally claim 25% of the cash or possessions he left behind. Notably, there was no mention of Paul’s son or previous wives in the bequest.

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