How To Get Dimples With Ice?

Dimples are a cute feature that people love to have and see on other people. Some people are born with them, but most people have to learn how to get dimples in the skin where fat doesn’t exist.

Having dimples in the skin is a process that takes time and practice. You will not be able to do it right the first time, or maybe the second or third!

Many people try to create dimples in the skin by pressing onto the surface of the flesh with either their finger or a sharp object like a toothpick. These attempts are very unsuccessful most of the time and can even be dangerous if done wrong.

Having practiced getting dimples, I can tell you that getting rid of fat in the skin is the key to getting them. When you have less fat in your skin, then your muscles underneath show through more and look more defined. This makes it look like there is a little dip in the skin where there is less fat.

Press your chin down into the ice


To get dimples in your cheeks, you will have to press your chin down into the ice. The harder you press, the bigger the dimple will be.

It will take some trial and error to find the right pressure for you. Remember, more pressure will result in a bigger dimple!

Keep pressing down until you feel enough tissue beneath the skin. This means you have reached the subcutaneous fat layer, which is what gives you that cinched in look.

Once you have done this, pull your chin up quickly and let go of the ice. The water should slide off quickly, so keep an eye on that. You do not want to freeze your face!

Try doing this several times to see how many dimples you get and how deep they are.

Sit with ice cubes in your mouth

how to get dimples with ice

Dimples appear when fat deposits located just below the skin are pushed outward. As you can see in the picture above, when pressure is applied to the fat deposit, it moves away from the skin.

You can create your own dimples by sitting with a few ice cubes in your mouth. The cold sensation will cause your lip muscles to contract, which in turn will push your fat deposits outward.

To do this, grab a few ice cubes and sit down with your mouth open. Once the ice melts enough, you can add more to keep it cold and keep sitting down until you get enough dimples. You may need to try this a few times to get it right!

Keep in mind that having too many dimples can be not aesthetically pleasing.

Use a dimple mold and ice cubes


If you want permanent dimples, you will have to get surgery. Fortunately, there is a way to get pretty close with some ice and a dimple mold.

To get dimples in your skin, you will need to freeze your skin and then push out little pockets of water. The hardening effect of the ice will create the dent in your skin.

You can make your own mold using wax or put an actual plastic dimple mold over your face while you freeze it. If you use a plastic tray, make sure it is water resistant.

The tricky part is getting the temperature of the water right so that your skin gets tight and pulls down when it freezes, creating the dent. You will have to experiment with this part to get it right.

Spread your cheeks and place ice on your zygomatic muscles


Now that you know how to get dimples with makeup, let’s move on to getting them with ice! While this trick is not as easy as applying makeup, it is still very doable.

To get dimples with ice, you will need a cube of ice or a cold compress. Once again, your best bet is the freezer since it is the coldest area in your home.

First, spread your cheeks and then either lie down or sit up straight. Then, grab the ice and place it on one of your zygomatic muscles. You can tell which ones these because they are the bulgy muscles that connect your face to your cheek.

Hold the ice there for about thirty seconds and then switch sides. Keep doing this until you have worked out all of the muscles in your smile.

Hold an ice cube between your teeth


Next, you will hold an ice cube between your teeth. Make sure the ice cube is not too big, as you want to put some pressure on your smile line, not let the ice cube melt in your mouth.

As you hold the ice cube in your mouth, you will slowly massage your smile lines with the edge of the ice cube. Make sure to massage both sides of your smile lines.

You will notice a slight tingling sensation as the cold temperature interacts with your skin. This is normal and means that you are getting rid of excess skin and fat in this area!

This technique may take a few tries to get it down, so do not get too frustrated if it does not work right away.

Apply a cold compress to your face


To get dimples in your cheeks, you will need to apply a cold compress to your face. You can do this by using a towel soaked in cold water, or a bag of ice.

Either way, you will want to press the compress against your skin for several minutes. You can keep the compress on your skin as you sleep, or until your skin is warm.

During the night, your body temperature decreases which is why this works to produce dimples. By the time you wake up, your cheeks will be smooth again!

Note: This method works best during winter when the weather is colder. It may not work as well in the summer due to higher internal body temperatures.

Try sleeping with a pillow wrapped in a cool towel to boost the effect. Keep an extra towel handy in case it gets too warm.

Do chin exercises


Chin exercises can help you get dimples in your chin. These exercises require you to pull your chin down and then push it up.

You can do these exercises anywhere and at any time. Just remember to do a few every day to see progress!

You can do these exercises with your hands, using resistance from your muscles. Or you can use a toy or object, like a coin or paperweight, to pull down your chin and then push it up.

The more muscle you have in your chin the easier this is going to be. So, try this exercise with someone who has a bigger chin than you and see how they do!

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How To Get Dimples – The Takeaway

Whether you want them for cosmetic or romantic reasons, getting dimples is not that hard. You just need to know how to stimulate the right muscles in your face. This article has told you all of the secrets needed to get dimples.

Get injections for permanent dimples


While getting injections to get permanent dimples is a possible way to get them, it is a very risky one. Injections can be very dangerous if they are not done correctly.

A skilled technician must perform the procedure in a safe and appropriate manner. Also, you must trust the technician performing the procedure as you will not be able to get injections anywhere else!

Many people opt for this method because it is more cost-effective than laser treatments. The cost of laser treatment can be very high, and most people do not have that kind of money.

However, both of these procedures are not recommended unless you have hyperhidrosis or an underlying medical condition that causes excessive sweating in the glabella area.

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