Glasgow Subway Campaign Calls for Extended Sunday Hours

A new petition has emerged on, urging a change to the early Sunday closure of the Glasgow subway. The petition, initiated by Kier Davison, argues that the current early Sunday closure is “out of date” and “unnecessary,” given its initial religious roots. The petition advocates for extending the subway’s operating hours until 11:40 pm on Sundays, aligning with the schedule on other days of the week. Let’s delve into the details of this campaign and its implications for Glasgow commuters.

The Sunday Closure Debate

The Glasgow subway currently closes at approximately 6:00 pm on Sundays, a practice that has drawn criticism. Kier Davison’s petition highlights the inconvenience caused by this early closure, especially for those who work late or go out on Sunday evenings. The subway serves as a reliable transportation option, particularly for women who may not feel safe walking around at night. Additionally, the notoriously unreliable bus services in Glasgow make the subway a crucial alternative for many residents. The petition emphasizes that the subway has successfully accommodated extended hours during special occasions, such as Christmas shopping and football matches, demonstrating its capability to operate later on Sundays.

Glasgow subway extended hours

The Safety and Accessibility Argument

The campaign underscores the importance of prioritizing people’s safety and accessibility. By extending Sunday hours, the subway can better serve late-night commuters, ensuring a safer journey home. The petition also questions why football games receive priority over public safety. As Glasgow continues to evolve, addressing transportation needs and ensuring equitable access for all residents remains a critical concern.

The call for extended Sunday hours reflects the desire for a more accessible and responsive public transportation system. As Glasgow’s subway faces scrutiny, the campaign seeks to create positive change and enhance the commuting experience for all passengers.

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