Glasgow City Council Leader Urges New Prime Minister to Tackle Child Poverty

Glasgow City Council leader Susan Aitken has called on the next UK Prime Minister to address the issue of child poverty in Glasgow. Ahead of the upcoming general election, Aitken is urging the council to speak with a unified voice and write to the leader of the next government, urging them to use their significant powers to combat this unacceptable situation. Aitken’s motion, set to go before a full council meeting, demands the removal of the two-child benefit cap, which restricts child tax credit and Universal Credit to the first two children. The motion also highlights the deep concern that a significant number of children in Glasgow live in poverty and calls for the removal of the benefit cap and bedroom tax, which are currently mitigated by the Scottish Government. Aitken emphasizes that eradicating child poverty requires collective efforts from both the Scottish Government and Glasgow City Council.

Child poverty in Glasgow

Glasgow’s Child Poverty Challenge

Between a quarter and a third of Glasgow’s children currently live in relative poverty, which is unacceptable. While progress has been made, there is still much to do. Aitken emphasizes that addressing child poverty is a key policy for the city council, but it requires additional resources and commitment from the UK government. The motion invites the new Prime Minister to examine and replicate the success of the Scottish Child Payment, a program that has made strides in reducing child poverty. Glasgow’s well-being depends on collective action and ensuring that the next government listens and responds to the needs of the community.

Glasgow’s children deserve better. By speaking with one voice and urging the next government to take decisive action, the city aims to make a meaningful impact on child poverty rates. It is a moral obligation for the UK government to address this scourge and prioritize the well-being of Glasgow’s children.

By Ishan Crawford

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