Electricians Share Insights and Honest Opinions in SELECT Podcast

In the latest episode of the Sparks’ Remarks podcast, seasoned electricians from Scotland’s largest trade association, SELECT, provide a candid look at the industry. Recorded live at the Toolbox Talk event at Hampden Park, the episode titled “Skills, Drills, and Bellyaches – Live from Hampden Spark!” delves into various topics, including recruitment challenges, renewables, and even the biscuits offered on jobs.

Recruitment Challenges and Skills Shortage

Electricians discussing industry trends

The electricians discuss the ongoing struggle to recruit qualified professionals. Mark Higgins of Edinburgh-based C~urb expresses concern about young people opting for non-trade jobs due to misconceptions about physical strain. Gavin Ross, Commercial Director at Prime Electrical Group, highlights the difficulty in finding the right person for specific jobs, especially in residential new build housing.

The Promise of Renewables

Alan Watt, owner of Alltech Electrical Systems in Glasgow, emphasizes the potential of solar PV and battery storage. He believes that these technologies are game-changers, allowing customers to save on energy bills. Jim Mackie of Select Electrician in Glasgow agrees, predicting exciting growth in solar PV installations over the next five years.

By Axel Piper

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