Vaseline And Banana For Bigger Buttocks

Getting a bigger booty is a top priority for many people. Some people want to gain weight anywhere on their body, but most want to put it in the butt area. Gaining weight can be challenging, so using the right products and tips can be helpful.

Many use Vaseline mixed with banana to increase fat in the buttocks. This recipe is popular in many countries, including the United States. Many have great results after several weeks of diligently applying this mixture to their buttocks.

How does it work? How do Vaseline and banana increase fat in the buttocks? Well, let’s discuss that here.

The fats in the Vaseline and banana are what help increase fat in the buttocks. The muscles in your glutes need energy to function correctly, and these fats help provide that energy.

Apply vaseline to your buttocks before bed

vaseline and banana for bigger buttocks

This is meant to act as a lubricant between your skin and your bedsheets. As you sleep, your body heat melts the Vaseline, and it makes your skin softer in the process.

Although this sounds ridiculous, it has been mentioned in several magazines and blogs as a good way to increase the size of your buttocks. Many credit this method to Victoria’s Secret models, who have mentioned using it in the past.

Many people also use this method to prepare their skin for swim suit season. By applying Vaseline to your buttocks, it makes it easier to slip into swimsuits and beach suits. It also helps protect your skin from the sun or tanning lotions.

This technique is not necessarily meant for long-term results, but more as a quick fix before needing to spend money on plastic surgery or implants.

Do seated hip adduction exercises

vaseline and banana for bigger buttocks

Another way to work your glutes is by doing seated hip adduction exercises. These are exercises that focus on the inner thigh muscles– the medial hamstring muscle and the hypothenar eminence.

The medial hamstring muscle is the large muscle in the back of your leg. The hypothenar eminence is the soft bulge at the front of your hip.

Sitting down and lifting one leg out to the side and back as you squeeze your buttocks together is how you perform this exercise. You can do this with either your hands or feet.

The more difficult version is to sit on the floor with your legs straight and pull one leg in toward you, then push both feet out to the side and back. Switch legs, pulling the other leg in toward you as you do so.

This exercise can be done repeatedly to build up strength in your glutes and hips.

Do standing hip adduction exercises

vaseline and banana for bigger buttocks

Another way to work your glutes is to do standing hip adduction exercises. These include walks, marches, skaters, and side shuffles.

You can do these exercises anywhere, making them a good way to work your glutes while you’m busy. Since you are working your hips in a wide motion, you are really testing your glute muscles.

The trick is to do these exercises slowly. Make sure that you feel the movement in your hip and that your lower leg moves forward and back. If you move too quickly, then you will not work the glutes as much.

Just make sure to keep your body steady while moving the legs- making sure not to wobble or drag the feet.

Practice walking with a higher stride length

vaseline and banana for bigger buttocks

While this technique is not necessarily linked to getting a bigger butt, it is a good way to work your muscles. You will need to practice walking with a higher stride length for this to work.

By walking with a longer step length, you are forcing your legs to work harder. Your glutes, calves, and other muscles must work harder to keep you moving forward.

Practicing walking with a long stride for at least thirty minutes every day will improve your muscle memory. You will be more aware of your movements and how to adjust them to get where you want to go.

If you find it difficult to walk in high heels, switch to flats or athletic shoes for this exercise. The point is to learn how to walk with a longer stride, not in what kind of shoes.

Build the muscles in your hips and buttocks

vaseline and banana for bigger buttocks

If you want to have bigger buttocks, you need to work on the muscles. You cannot change the shape of your buttocks by diet or exercise alone. You need to do both!

Reshape your buttocks requires reducing fat and building muscle. You need to do both to get a more shapely butt. Diet alone will not work- you need to exercise as well.

Exercise is a must for bigger hips and buttocks. It helps increase muscle mass, which in turn makes your hips and buttocks look wider and more shapely.

Swimming is a great exercise for your body that helps with weight loss. Water swimming is particularly good for strengthening your body without exerting too much effort. It also helps with weight loss, thanks to the resistance of the water.

Running is not good for your hips and butt but it is good for your cardiovascular system. Switch it up with some walking or hiking to benefit from the benefits of both.

Lose body fat around your buttocks

vaseline and banana for bigger buttocks

Before you can build bigger buttocks, you must ensure that your body fat around your buttocks is reduced. If you have a relatively lean body, your best bet is to consult a nutritionist to find out the best way for you to increase your fat intake while still maintaining a healthy diet.

Many people make the mistake of cutting out all fats when trying to lose weight, which can be a mistake when trying to retain muscle. Fat plays a vital role in our health and nutrition, so this is not recommended.

General tips include eating enough calories and making sure you are not deficient in any nutrients that help with fat metabolism. Consult a doctor or medical professional if you feel like you are not losing weight despite being healthy and eating healthy.

Eat foods that help increase butt size


While there are several ways to try to increase butt size, the best way is by eating the right foods. There are a few theories about what foods can help increase butt size, but most include some variations of fats and fruits.

Paradexin is a protein found in fish. Paradexin is believed to be absorbed by the body, where it may stimulate new fat cells to grow. People who eat more fish may have more fat cells, which could contribute to a bigger butt.

Coconut oil is a fat that some people use in recipes when cooking or baking. Like coconut itself, coconut oil is believed to be firm and strong. Using it in cooking or applying it directly to the skin may help create a thicker layer of fatty tissue on the body, including the buttocks.

Avocados are a popular snack among people trying to increase their butt size. Avocados are rich in vitamins and minerals but also fats that may help boost fatty tissue on the buttocks.

Use creams and lotions on your butt muscles

vaseline and banana for bigger buttocks

Another tip for gaining bigger buttocks is to use creams and lotions on your butt muscles. You should apply these agents on your butt several times a week to see results.

Butt workouts typically require you to use your hands to pull down your cheeks and hold them as you work out other muscles. This makes it difficult to work all the muscle groups needed to improve shape and size.

Butt workouts also typically require you to sweat, so if you use creams or lotions on your butt, they will probably wash off. Therefore, it is best to use both- cream and lotion on your butt muscles will help improve their health, but not size.

Weekly visits to the gym or exercise classes can help boost Buttock Muscle Strength (BMS) but again, only if you are doing the right exercises.

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