Tattoo Removal With Aloe Vera

Getting a tattoo is a significant decision. While they are a great way to express yourself and celebrate special moments, they are not undone.

You can always cover them up with more tattoos or skin revealing clothing, but that is also your choice. Luckily for you, we have found a way to help you get rid of your tattoo!

Tattoo removal is a process used to fade tattoos or completely remove them. Recent research has shown that aloe vera gel may be an effective ingredient in tattoo removal. How does it work? Read on to find out!

Tattoo ink consists of melanin, protein, and glucose. Aloe vera gel contains enzymes called lipopolysaccharide (LPS) dispersing factor (D) and glycoprotein II (GP II) which are able to break down these components. When applied on the skin before tattooing, it acts as a barrier that prevents the ink from penetrating into the dermis where it would be nearly impossible to remove.

Remove leaves from stem

tattoo removal with aloe vera

Once you have your aloe vera plant, you will need to remove the leaves from the stem. This is done by pinching each leaf between your thumb and forefinger and pulling away from the plant.

Make sure to do this with fresh, healthy looking leaves. If a leaf is brown or wilted, do not use it. Wait until you have more healthy leaves to use for the gel making process.

Aloe vera plants can grow at a fast pace, making it necessary to prune them every few weeks. This keeps the plant healthy and prevents it from getting too big, which would ultimately lead to death.

Prune your aloe vera plant weekly to keep it healthy and thriving!

After removing the leaves from the stem, save them in a dry place for later use in cleaning solutions for jewelry making materials.

Boil the leaves in water

tattoo removal with aloe vera

After you have collected the aloe vera leaves, you will need to boil them in water. How long you boil the leaves for depends on how strong of a gel you want.

For a thin gel, boil the leaves for at least five minutes. For a thicker gel, boil the leaves for ten minutes or more. Check the leaves every few minutes to see if they are soft; this means they are ready to be drained and used in the tattoo removal solution!

Once they are boiled, let them cool and then pour off the liquid into an empty container. You can use this liquid later to mix with the glycerin solution.

Note: It is important to use fresh aloe vera plants for this solution, as old plants may not have enough gelatinous substances within them.

Allow to cool

tattoo removal with aloe vera

Once your aloe vera gel is the right consistency, allow it to cool before using it to remove your tattoo. You do not want it to be hot as that may cause a burn!

As with any removal process, you want to make sure the ink is embedded in the layer below the skin or you may risk a scar. By allowing the gel to cool, you are ensuring it is solidified and will not melt away while being removed.

Aloe vera gel also tends to set fairly quickly, so if you are in a hurry, you can try making some quick adjustments to how much water you add and how long you stir it—it might just set faster!

Manuanna says one of her clients who does tattoos asked her if she could buy some of her aloe vera gel because he sees how well it works. She gladly sells him some and recommends buying his own brand since he sees how well it works.

Soak your skin with the liquid

tattoo removal with aloe vera

The first step to removing tattoos is to soak your skin with the liquid. This can be water, lemon juice, or aloe vera gel.

Tattoos are made up of pigment particles embedded in a protein called collagen. When you remove the protein, only the particles remain.

The way to remove these particles is by rubbing them off with a wet surface. Water works best for this because it is smooth and does not contain oils that might stick to the tattoo ink.

Aloe vera gel is a substance made from a plant called aloe vera. It has many uses, one of which is healing wounds on the skin.

Cover with a bandage


Once you have washed and dried the area, it is time to cover the area with a bandage. A bandage helps keep the aloe vera in place while it works its magic.

Some people choose to leave the aloe vera on for 24 hours, so the bandage will help ensure that it stays on until it has done its work. Others choose to wash off the aloe vera and reapply after a few hours, so the bandage is not necessary.

If you chose to leave it on for 24 hours, we recommend sleeping with the bandage on. This way you can get all night and day coverage!

Again, if your tattoo appears to be absorbing the aloe vera gel, do not reapply. This may cause a skin infection due to lack of moisture protection. Contact your doctor for further advice.

Repeat this process twice a week

tattoo removal with aloe vera

Once you find the method that works for you, you should try to stick to a schedule. That way, you will see progress more frequently and quickly.

While it is recommended to do this twice a week, even once a week can significantly help your tattoo fade. It all depends on how dedicated you are to getting your tattoo removed.

Some people need more time than others, but this is because everyone’s skin responds differently to the treatments. Some people have thicker or tougher skin than others, which makes it harder to get rid of the ink.

Weekly treatments will also help you keep an track of your progress since it is consistent. You will know when the new treatment works and starts to take effect!

Repeat this process for at least eight weeks to see results.

Notice improved texture of skin

tattoo removal with aloe vera

Once the tattoo is removed, you will notice an improvement in the texture of your skin. As tattoos age, they can develop thin white lines called scars.

These scars are a sign of damaged skin. When your tattoo is removed, the skin is also restored to its original condition before the tattoo was placed on top of it.

Tattoo removal with aloe vera can also help reduce the risk of certain types of cancer called melanoma. According to studies, people who have many tattoos have a lower risk of melanoma than people with no tattoos. This may be due to the fact that tattoos cover your skin, preventing UV rays from penetrating your body and hitting your internal organs.

See decreased ink presence

tattoo removal with aloe vera

Once the tattoo is completed, you can start to see decreased ink presence. Once the skin is healed, your body slowly processes the tattoo particles into proteins.

These proteins are then absorbed by your body as part of the normal metabolism process. Over time, you will see less and less ink in the tissue until it is completely gone.

The speed at which this happens varies depending on how healthy your immune system is and how familiar it is with tattoo particles.

People with healthy immune systems have more clarity in their system which allows them to process the ink faster. People with compromised immune systems may take longer to process the ink.

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