Foods That Make You Taste Good

A key part of tasting good is smelling good. Having a nice, pleasant scent is an important factor in feeling and smelling good about yourself. You can achieve this through your daily grooming habits and by using fragrant products.

How you smell is also influenced by what you eat. Some foods contain compounds that give you a distinct odor. Others increase your body odor due to what they metabolize into.

Unfortunately, there are some foods that make you taste bad. These include raw fish, seafood, and meat that has gone bad. Eating these will result in a bad taste in your mouth, which obviously is not a good thing!

This article will discuss ways to improve your taste and smell through nutrition and how to make yourself smell better through hygiene products.


foods that make you taste good

Onions are a staple in almost every kitchen. They are also a staple in almost every meal. You can’t go wrong adding them to anything!

They add a ton of flavor to things, and while most people know they add sweetness, they also add a nice pungent kick.

Onions are also vegan-friendly, so you can use them in almost any dish. Plus, they are inexpensive which makes it even better!

The downside is that onions make you cry. Well, actually it is an enzyme in onions that triggers your tear ducts. So if you are trying to avoid getting teary eyes, then opt out of the onions!

For those who love the taste but hate the tears, try cooking with dried onion bits instead. This way you still get the flavor but not the tears! Ha.


foods that make you taste good

Chives are a green onion-like staple. They can be eaten raw or cooked. Chives have a very strong flavor, so you do not need to use much.

They pair well with other flavors like garlic, butter, and lemon. Chives can also be used to season things like eggs, potatoes, and chicken.

Foods seasoned with chives are hard to go wrong with. People will always enjoy a good piece of grilled chicken or an egg fried in garlic butter with a touch of chive!

Chives are an easy way to add some flavor to your food without using too much. Using chives as a topping or mixing them in is a subtle way to add flavor that people will appreciate.

Chives are relatively cheap and will last quite some time if stored properly.


foods that make you taste good

If you love garlic, tarragon is a great flavor to explore next. This herb has a mild, anise-like flavor that works well with eggs, chicken, and fish.

Unlike garlic, tarragon is safe to use during pregnancy. So, if you are hoping to get pregnant or are trying to conceive, start using tarragon now!

According to Babble, tarragon contains carbenoxenoids that fight off bacteria in your mouth and fight off any bad smells on your breath.

Tarragon also contains flavonoids that protect against free radical damage- another reason why your breath may smell better after eating it.

You can find tarragon in butter sauce mixes for seafood, in egg dishes like omelets or quiche, or as a standalone dish like fish stew.


foods that make you taste good

Mint is a nice flavor that many people enjoy. It can be used in desserts and/or main courses.

Many foods include mint as a garnish or as part of the flavor profile. Some examples include chicken with mint sauce, chocolate with mint added, and pasta with a minty sauce.

Mint is also a green vegetable, making it more nutritious than your average garnish. You can even grow your own mint to have plenty of it!

People often have trouble growing mint due to lack of water. Make sure to water your plant well to keep it happy and thriving. Mint is a very active plant so it will need some attention.

If you are having trouble tasting anything, trying adding some fresh mint to your food.


foods that make you taste good

While most people know about basil in regards to pasta dishes, basil can be used in many recipes. You can even use it as a simple herb garnish.

Basil is a popular herb that comes in several varieties. Sweet basil, lemon basil, and crimson or Thai basil are all flavors you can try experimenting with. Depending on the variety, basil adds an aroma of either mint or pine to dishes.

Interestingly, the aroma of basil appears to be linked with the smell of testosterone! According to one study, men who smelled a compound called estratrienol reported that it had a “strong” and “pleasant” odor—and that it was “similar to the odor of fresh basils.”

However, other studies have suggested that estratrienol actually has an unpleasant odor—so perhaps it’s the particular blend of compounds in estratrienol that smells like basil.



There are a few foods that make you taste good, and one of them is oregano. If you love the taste of oregano, then this is great news!

Oregano is a herb that has been used in culinary dishes for centuries. It has a strong flavor that can be smelt when cooked with. Many pizza recipes use oregano as does pasta sauce.

If you are looking to add more flavor to your food, try using more oregano. Or if you do not like the herb, then try using garlic instead– it works just as well!

If you are trying to lose weight, then try not to use too much garlic or oregano in your food. While they may not necessarily make you fat, they may make your food taste better and feel richer.



A herb with a citrusy, floral aroma, thyme is one of the most versatile spices you can have in your kitchen. It works well with vegetables, chicken, and seafood.

Thyme is also a flavor that is familiar with people of all ages, so if you make a dish with thyme, you will already be ahead of the game.

Using herbs in food is a great way to show off your culinary skills while also making your dishes more appetizing to the taste buds. Herbs provide a texture and flavor that cannot be replicated.

Surprisingly, using too much herb can actually dull your taste buds. When using herbs, make sure to use enough to enhance the flavor of your dish, but not so much that it takes away from the other flavors. A good rule of thumb is to use as much as would suitably match the other flavors in the dish.


foods that make you taste good

A popular herb used in a lot of dishes is rosemary. Interestingly, studies have shown that those who eat a lot of herbs taste better to others due to the smell.

Others can appreciate the flavors of your food more because of the herbs you use. The smells that herbs give off when cooked in food can make you hungry!

Some research has even shown that people prefer the taste of food when there’s a herb flavor, even if they can’t pinpoint what makes it taste that way. This is why many chefs use herbs in their recipes — to add an undetectable flavor boost.

Some ways to use rosemary include sprinkling it on top of roasted veggies, adding it to baked potatoes, or using it as seasoning in pasta or meat dishes.

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