Thomas Lynch Appointed as OEG Renewables’ Regional Director for Americas

OEG Energy Group has announced the appointment of Thomas Lynch as the new Regional Director for its offshore wind division, OEG Renewables, in the Americas. Lynch, who previously served as Managing Director for Axess Offshore Wind in North America, brings extensive experience in the offshore wind sector. His new role will involve expanding OEG Renewables’ service and product offerings in North America, building on the company’s successful contract wins and strengthening its international footprint. This strategic move aims to position OEG Renewables as a key player in the growing US offshore wind market.

Expanding North American Operations

Thomas Lynch’s appointment marks a significant step in OEG Renewables’ strategy to enhance its presence in North America. With a strong background in driving growth and diversification in the offshore wind sector, Lynch is well-equipped to lead the company’s expansion efforts. His previous experience with Eversource Energy, where he coordinated engineering for the Vineyard offshore wind farm, the US’s first utility-scale offshore wind project, underscores his expertise. Lynch’s leadership is expected to bolster OEG Renewables’ capabilities, ensuring the company remains a competitive partner for wind farm developers and OEMs in the region.

thomas lynch oeg renewables regional director americas offshore wind market

Leveraging Global Experience

OEG Renewables has a proven track record of success in the offshore wind market, particularly in Asia. The company’s operations in Taiwan have positioned it as a key player in the region, supporting the development of offshore wind projects in Japan, South Korea, and the wider Asia Pacific. By replicating this successful model in North America, OEG Renewables aims to capitalize on the strong market drivers for growth in the US offshore wind sector. Government policies and ambitions to achieve offshore power generating capacity of 30GW by 2030 and 110GW by 2050 provide a favorable environment for expansion.

Strategic Vision and Leadership

John Heiton, CEO of OEG Energy Group, expressed confidence in Lynch’s ability to lead the company’s North American operations. Heiton highlighted Lynch’s wealth of experience and the exciting opportunities that lie ahead for OEG Renewables. The company’s forward strategy involves building a robust local setup in North America, similar to its successful operations in Asia. This approach will enable OEG Renewables to provide integrated services and products for the growing offshore wind market, leveraging the support of the wider group with its deep experience in specialist topside, marine, subsea, and cable solutions.

Future Prospects

The appointment of Thomas Lynch as Regional Director for the Americas is a strategic move that aligns with OEG Renewables’ long-term vision. As the US offshore wind market continues to grow, Lynch’s leadership will be instrumental in driving the company’s expansion and strengthening its market position. With a focus on enhancing local resources and capabilities, OEG Renewables is poised to become a key player in the North American offshore wind sector. This appointment underscores the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality solutions and maintaining strong partnerships with industry stakeholders.

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