Scotland’s Largest PR Agency Strengthens Public Affairs Team Ahead of Election

BIG Partnership, Scotland’s largest PR agency, has announced the appointment of Fraser Paterson as the new Head of Public Affairs. Paterson, a former senior adviser to Charlotte Street Partners and a Labour MSP, brings over a decade of experience in political relations. This strategic hire comes as the agency prepares to support clients through a likely change of government at Westminster. Paterson’s expertise is expected to enhance BIG’s public affairs capabilities, ensuring clients are well-prepared for the evolving political landscape.

Strategic Appointment

Fraser Paterson’s appointment is a significant move for BIG Partnership. With a background in managing PR and public affairs at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow, Paterson has a wealth of experience. He began his career as a parliamentary assistant to Labour’s Anne McTaggart before establishing his own consultancy. His role at BIG will involve advising clients on navigating the political environment, particularly with the anticipated changes at Westminster. This appointment underscores BIG’s commitment to providing top-tier public affairs services.

scotlands largest pr agency strengthens public affairs team ahead of election

Enhancing Public Affairs Capabilities

The addition of Fraser Paterson to BIG Partnership’s team is part of a broader strategy to strengthen their public affairs practice. Earlier this year, the agency also hired Paul Murphie, a senior account manager from Pagoda PR. These appointments bring the strength of BIG’s public affairs team to four, including account manager Jen Scott and head of office Stewart Argo. Paterson and Murphie will work together to support clients in understanding and responding to political developments. This enhanced team is well-positioned to offer comprehensive public affairs support.

Preparing for Political Change

As the UK approaches a potential change in government, businesses are increasingly seeking guidance on how to adapt. BIG Partnership’s expanded public affairs team is equipped to provide this support. Paterson’s deep understanding of the Labour party and its policies will be invaluable in advising clients. The agency has already seen a major increase in demand for public affairs services, reflecting the uncertainty in the political landscape. By bolstering their team, BIG is ensuring they can meet this demand and help clients navigate the complexities of the political environment.

Looking Ahead

The strategic appointments at BIG Partnership highlight the agency’s proactive approach to the evolving political landscape. With Fraser Paterson and Paul Murphie on board, the agency is well-prepared to support clients through the upcoming election and beyond. These hires reflect BIG’s commitment to excellence and their focus on providing clients with the best possible advice and support. As the political environment continues to change, BIG Partnership’s strengthened public affairs team will play a crucial role in helping clients stay ahead of the curve.

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