Teen’s Suicide Attempt After School Bullying Exposes Systemic Failures

A Scottish mother has revealed how her teenage son tried to end his life after being bullied at school for years. She claims that the school authorities failed to protect him and even blamed him for the abuse.

The Bullying Ordeal

The 14-year-old boy, who wishes to remain anonymous, was subjected to physical and verbal harassment by his peers at a secondary school in Glasgow. He was called names, punched, kicked, spat on, and threatened with knives. He was also cyberbullied on social media and received messages telling him to kill himself.

The bullying started when he was in primary school and continued until he reached secondary school. He tried to cope by changing his appearance, hiding his emotions, and avoiding certain places. But the bullying only got worse and he became depressed, anxious, and suicidal.

The School’s Response

The boy’s mother said she repeatedly contacted the school to report the bullying and ask for help. She said the school staff were dismissive, unhelpful, and even accused her son of being the aggressor. She said they failed to follow the anti-bullying policy and did not provide any support or counselling for her son.

Systemic Failures

She said the school also refused to involve the police or the social services, despite the severity of the bullying and the risk to her son’s safety. She said she felt like she was fighting a losing battle and that the school did not care about her son’s wellbeing.

The Suicide Attempt

In January 2023, the boy reached his breaking point and attempted to take his own life by overdosing on pills. He was rushed to the hospital and survived, but he was left with permanent liver damage. He also suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and had to undergo therapy.

The boy’s mother said she was devastated and angry that her son had to go through such a horrific experience. She said she blamed the school for failing to protect him and for ignoring the signs of his distress. She said she wanted justice for her son and for other victims of bullying.

The Legal Action

The boy’s mother has now launched a legal action against the school and the local council. She is seeking compensation for the physical and psychological harm caused by the bullying and the negligence of the school. She is also demanding an apology and an admission of liability from the school.

She said she hoped that her legal action would expose the systemic failures of the school and the council in dealing with bullying. She said she also wanted to raise awareness and prevent other children from suffering the same fate as her son.

She said she was proud of her son for surviving and for speaking out about his ordeal. She said he was a brave and strong young man who deserved a better life.

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