Space Pioneer’s Tianlong-3 Rocket Crashes After Accidental Launch During Ground Test

Space Pioneer, also known as Beijing Tianbing Technology, experienced a dramatic incident when its Tianlong-3 rocket accidentally launched and subsequently crashed during a ground test in Gongyi, a city in China’s Henan province. The mishap occurred due to structural failures at the connection between the rocket body and the test bench. Fortunately, there were no reported injuries as people had been evacuated from the area ahead of the test.

Space Pioneer rocket crash

The Incident Details

  • Accidental Launch: The rocket unexpectedly lifted off during a ground test.
  • Structural Failure: The first stage of the rocket detached from the launch pad due to structural issues.
  • Crash and Fire: After liftoff, the onboard computer shut down, causing the rocket to fall into a deep mountain southwest of the test platform. The rocket body disintegrated upon impact.
  • Local Impact: Parts of the rocket caused a fire, but emergency responders successfully dealt with the blazes.

Space Pioneer aims to pursue breakthroughs in technology and performance, focusing on commercial market needs to improve launch efficiency and reduce costs. The company had previously successfully launched its Tianlong-2 rocket in April last year. Further launches of the Tianlong-3 rocket are planned for later in 2024 in Wenchang and Jiuquan.

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