The Internet Slang Words Your Kids Might Be Using – Explained

Do you know your “rizz” from your “yap”? 😄 As time marches on, new slang terms emerge, and if you’ve noticed your kids using hip internet slang words (probably from TikTok), you might be wondering what they mean. Fear not! We’ve delved into the depths of Urban Dictionary and KnowYourMeme to decipher some of the hottest internet slang words. Let’s explore what your kids are actually saying:

1. Rizz

Derived from the more familiar word “charisma,” “rizz” refers to someone who has “game” when it comes to romantic pursuits.

Internet slang

2. Aura

Increasingly popular in 2024, “aura” is used to compliment individuals, often athletes, for their high level of magnitude, ability, or perceived power. You might have heard your kids using it during the Euros!

3. Sus

Short for “suspicious,” this term was popularized by the hit video game Among Us. Your kids might use it to express doubt or uncertainty.

Remember, staying informed about internet slang helps bridge the generation gap!

By Zane Lee

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