Shrimp And Chicken Gumbo Cheesecake Factory

The other night, my friend Rachel and I decided to do something we have been wanting to do for months! We made our way down to The Cheesecake Factory in Manhattan for their shrimp and chicken gumbo cheesecake.

We both had never tried this dish before, but it was definitely one of Aida’s favorites (she loves all things seafood). When we first saw the menu description, we were both pretty sure what everything was, so we didn’t feel too hungry.

But as we sat there eating our gourmet meal, we realized how hungry we actually was! And not just because we ate a lot, but also due to the incredible flavor combination that each element of the food possessed.

The bread crumbs in the sauce gave the dessert a nice texture and taste. The melted cheese layer gave it some extra flavor- you could really smell the cheesy goodness in the restaurant. And the top glaze, which is usually sugar or coconut cream, was instead made with marsala wine and dried mango pieces, making it even more special.

What is gumbo?


Gumbos are spicy, soupy dishes that contain lots of vegetables and meat or seafood in rich broth. They are typically made with white rice as the base, and then additional ingredients such as tomatoes, onions, green peppers, chicken, shrimp, crab, and/or other meats or fish are mixed into the pot.

Some people consider it to be French-style cooking because of its resemblance to poissons (fish) et langues (lobster). Either way, gumbos are delicious!

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The classic New Orleans dish has many variations, but whatever version you choose, be sure to add enough liquid so the components can cook down and blend well. When using dried seasonings, usually one pack will do since most of the flavor comes from the buttery taste of the powder. If the seasoning has salt in it, make sure to include that otherwise the soup may become too salty.

You can always use more pepper or cayenne according to your personal spice preference.

Shrimp and chicken gumbo

shrimp and chicken gumbo cheesecake factory

At the Cheesecake Factory, they take classic American comfort food and update it for hungry mouths to love. Their shrimp and chicken gumbo is no exception!

The tasso ham and country style bread soup is made with baguette slices that have been toasted and then mixed into cream of mushroom soup along with roasted garlic puree. Topping this off is crumbled blue cheese and cooked chicken or grilled shrimp.

This dish can be ordered either as an appetizer or main course depending on how much you want to eat. It is best enjoyed immediately after assembling due to all of the ingredients working together in flavor as they warm up.

It is very difficult to go through the dessert section at The Cheesecake Factory without finding something delicious. This cheesecake bar-esque recipe is no different!

These individual pieces are built like a normal cheesecake but instead feature vanilla soft serve, three toppings (raspberry sauce, mango salsa, and coconut crumble), and brown sugar glaze.

Cheese and rice gumbo

shrimp and chicken gumbo cheesecake factory

The classic shrimp and chicken gumbos are made of lots of onions, peppers, tomatoes, and seasonings in liquid. Then, either cooked pasta or dried bread is mixed into the sauce to create an additional element.

In this recipe, we mix these two components together in a baking dish and then top the cheesecake with more toppings. When cooking the gourmet cheese ravioli in boiling water, make sure it does not stick together!

To ensure that it separates properly, use a plate to press down on the gummy balls as they cook. Let cool slightly before assembling the dessert.

What is a cheesecake factory?

shrimp and chicken gumbo cheesecake factory

The term “cheesecake” comes from Switzerland, where they have dessert dishes called Eierschwesters (egg casseroles). These are typically made of cream cheese, sugar, and milk mixed into a soft dough that gets baked in an oven or cooked under broiler heat.

In America, cream-based cheesecakes with chocolate, strawberry, raspberry, or other flavor additions are more common.

What is gougè?

shrimp and chicken gumbo cheesecake factory

Gougere are lacy, thin doughs that can be shaped and fried or baked like French fries or pancakes. They’re sometimes referred to as cream of wheat fritters or pasta croutons because they look like little pieces of crispy noodles.

Gouges were once made with dried starch and cheese but today there are several variations depending on what kind of bread or noodle you use in them.

Thicker types of bread work better when cooked so they will hold their shape better while thinner ones may break down slightly during baking or frying.

How is the cheesecake factory different from other restaurants?

shrimp and chicken gumbo cheesecake factory

The biggest difference between the Cheesecake Factory and most other large chain restaurant food products is how they make their cheese. Almost every item in their menu includes some sort of pasta or bread as an ingredient, to use as a vehicle to carry their cheese sauce. The Cheese Castle however, does not!

Their tartar sauce comes with crumbled bacon pieces in it, which are then mixed into your pasta or toast. This changes the texture and flavor slightly, but adds a lot more taste than just using plain old ketchup would.

The chicken marsala has mushrooms and spinach in it, so there is no need to ask what those things are when you order them- you know already! They are like vegetables because they are both made of protein and have almost zero calories.

The menu

shrimp and chicken gumbo cheesecake factory

At the end of your meal, you will be asked if you want to add some dessert to your order. If so, they will bring up the list of desserts that they have and ask if you are in the mood for something specific or if there is anything new that looks good.

They will then take notes on what type of dessert you choose and go into more detail as to why it is listed on the menu.

That way, when you later find out what kind of dessert you got, you will already know some small parts about it!

The most important thing to note is that not only do they cater to vegetarians and vegans, but also gluten-free diners. All of their recipes are either allergen-free or can easily be made that way!

This includes everything from sauces and toppings, to the main ingredient itself. They even specify which ingredients are potentially problematic for those who suffer from food allergies or sensitivities.

Overall, this article really does tell the reader how very well prepared the Cheesecake Factory is with regard to dietary restrictions and special needs.

Price range

shrimp and chicken gumbo cheesecake factory

The shrimp and chicken gumbos at the Cheese-cake Restaurant in the price range of $15 to $20 per person, which includes soup, pasta, and dessert.

The dessert is typically either their cheesecake or chocolate chip cookie bar with vanilla pudding in between. Both are very good! If you’re hungry, go for it because they are definitely enough food for one or two people.

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