Scottish XL Bully Sanctuary Founder Refuses to Rehome Two Dogs After Shooting Incident

XL Bully Rescuer Fears for Dogs’ Safety

Kerryanne Shaw, the founder of All Bullie Charity Rescue, has decided to keep two of her XL Bully dogs in kennels for life, rather than risk rehoming them to the wrong owners. She made this choice after a shocking incident in East Kilbride, where a similar dog was shot dead by police on Sunday morning.

Shaw, who has been planning to open a Scottish XL Bully sanctuary in Angus, said she was heartbroken by the video of the shooting, which showed the dog being killed in front of a primary school. She said she did not want her dogs, Rosie and Buzz, to suffer the same fate if they ended up in the hands of irresponsible or abusive people.

New Law Bans XL Bullies in Scotland

Shaw’s decision comes just days before a new law banning XL Bullies in Scotland comes into force on Friday. The law, which was introduced after several attacks and deaths involving the breed, makes it illegal to sell, advertise, gift or exchange XL Bully dogs, or let them stray.

The law also requires owners of XL Bullies to have them muzzled and on a lead in public, and to apply for an exemption to keep them. Owners who fail to comply with the law could face fines or imprisonment, and their dogs could be seized or destroyed.

Scottish XL Bully Sanctuary

Shaw said she had applied for an exemption to keep Rosie and Buzz, who have been living in kennels for a long time without any problems. She said she did not think life in kennels was fair for any dog, especially a bully, but she felt it was better than the alternatives.

XL Bully Crisis Across the UK

Shaw is not the only one facing a dilemma over XL Bullies, as hundreds of the dogs are expected to be euthanised across the UK when the ban comes into effect. According to Sky News, at least 246 XL Bullies are currently in rescue centres run by various animal charities, and they will have to be put down unless they can be rehomed before the end of the year.

The charities said they would never choose to keep the dogs in kennels for life, as it would compromise their welfare. They also said they faced a huge challenge to neuter all the XL Bullies they had in their care, as the law requires them to do so by February. They urged the government to extend the timeframe for neutering, as they said they would have to stop other vital services such as vaccinations and routine neutering to cope with the demand.

The government has offered XL Bully owners £200 towards the cost of putting their dog to sleep, but the charities said this was not enough to compensate for the loss of a beloved pet. They also questioned the effectiveness of the ban, as they said it would not address the root causes of dog aggression, such as poor breeding, socialisation and training.

What is an XL Bully?

An XL Bully is a type of dog that is derived from the American Pit Bull Terrier and the American Staffordshire Terrier, but with larger and more muscular features. They are also known as American Bully XLs, and they are not recognised by any official kennel club.

The breed was created in the US in the 1990s, and it has gained popularity in the UK in recent years, especially among young men who see them as status symbols. However, the breed has also been associated with illegal dog fighting, and with attacks on people and other animals.

The breed is not banned in the US, but it is subject to restrictions in some states and cities. In the UK, the breed is banned in England, Wales and Scotland, but not in Northern Ireland.

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