AllFord at Alford: A Celebration of Ford’s History and Future

The Grampian Transport Museum in Alford is preparing for its 2024 season with one of its most popular events, AllFord at Alford, which will take place on Sunday, August 18. The event will showcase Ford vehicles from different eras and regions, with a special focus on the 60th anniversary of the iconic Ford Mustang.

The Mustang: A Legend of the Road and Screen

The Ford Mustang was launched in 1964 as an affordable and stylish sports car for the American market. It soon became a cultural phenomenon, appearing in movies, TV shows, music, and racing. The Mustang has gone through several generations and models, from the classic pony car to the modern muscle car, and has fans all over the world.

AllFord at Alford will feature a special display of Mustangs from different decades, including the latest V8 and the electric Mach E. The event will celebrate the legacy and the future of the Mustang, as well as its impact on the automotive industry and popular culture.

The Capri: Europe’s Answer to the Mustang

The Ford Capri was introduced in 1969 as a European counterpart to the Mustang. It was designed to appeal to a wide range of customers, offering various engines, trim levels, and options. The Capri was also successful in motorsport, winning several championships and races. The Capri was discontinued in 1986, but it remains a beloved classic among enthusiasts.

AllFord at Alford

AllFord at Alford will display a selection of Capris from different years and countries, highlighting their similarities and differences with the Mustangs. The event will also compare and contrast the American and European approaches to creating sporty and affordable cars.

TrustFord: The New Aberdeen Ford Dealership

TrustFord is one of the leading Ford dealerships in the UK, with over 60 locations across the country. It offers a range of new and used Ford vehicles, as well as servicing, parts, and accessories. TrustFord is also a supporter of AllFord at Alford, and has been involved in the event for several years.

TrustFord is opening a brand new dealership in Altens, Aberdeen, in March 2024. The new facility will have a modern showroom, a workshop, and a customer lounge. TrustFord will also bring a fabulous display to AllFord at Alford, with some surprises included. The event will be an opportunity for Ford fans to check out the new dealership and see what TrustFord has to offer.

AllFord at Alford is a celebration of Ford through the ages, and a must-see event for any Ford lover. The event will also feature other attractions, such as food stalls, live music, and children’s activities. The online entries for the event are now open, and all Ford owners are invited to bring their cars and join the fun.

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