Buckie Harbour sees steady fish landings amid pandemic

Six vessels bring in 135 boxes of seafood

Buckie Harbour, a fishing port in Moray, Scotland, has witnessed a stable week of fish landings despite the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. According to the harbour master, six vessels brought in some 135 boxes of fish, prawns, and squid last week. This is comparable to the previous week, when 142 boxes and 31 bags of clams were landed.

The harbour master said that the demand for seafood has been affected by the lockdown restrictions and the closure of restaurants and hotels. However, he added that the local market has been supportive and the fishermen have been resilient. He also praised the efforts of the harbour staff and the fish merchants who have been following the safety protocols and ensuring the smooth operation of the harbour.

Buckie Harbour: a history of fishing

Buckie Harbour has a long and rich history of fishing, dating back to the 18th century. The harbour was originally built by the 4th Earl of Findlater in 1777, and was expanded several times over the years to accommodate the growing fishing industry. The harbour has been home to various types of fishing boats, such as herring drifters, steam trawlers, seine netters, and prawn trawlers.

Buckie Harbour sees steady fish

Buckie Harbour has also been a hub of innovation and development in the fishing sector. For instance, in 1877, the first steam-powered fishing boat in Scotland, the Reaper, was launched from Buckie. In 1913, the first diesel-powered fishing boat in the world, the Progress, was built in Buckie. In 1984, the first pair trawler in Scotland, the Ocean Harvest, was registered in Buckie.

Buckie Harbour: a future of diversification

Buckie Harbour is not only a fishing port, but also a diversified port that serves various sectors and activities. The harbour has been involved in the oil and gas industry, the renewable energy industry, the marine engineering industry, and the leisure and tourism industry. The harbour has also hosted several events and festivals, such as the Buckie Fishing Heritage Centre, the Buckie Boat Festival, and the Buckie Christmas Kracker.

Buckie Harbour is currently undergoing a major redevelopment project, which aims to enhance the facilities and services of the harbour and create new opportunities for the local community and economy. The project, which is funded by the Scottish Government, Moray Council, and Highlands and Islands Enterprise, includes the construction of a new fish market, a new ice plant, a new slipway, and a new marina. The project is expected to be completed by 2025.

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