Molly and Tom win Love Island: All Stars in a thrilling finale

The first ever All Stars series comes to an end

After five weeks of drama, romance, and surprises, the first ever Love Island: All Stars series has crowned its winning coupleMolly Smith and Tom Clare beat Molly’s ex-boyfriend Callum Jones and his new partner Jessica Gale, who finished as runners-up during the final episode on Monday night. The pair, who had been coupled up since the second week, shared a £50,000 (€58,000 approx) prize fund and celebrated their victory with a passionate kiss.

The final episode, hosted by Maya Jama, featured a surprise performance by British singer Ella Henderson, who sang her hits REACT, Ghost and new single Alibi. The remaining couples also enjoyed a romantic final date and declared their feelings for each other in emotional speeches. Molly and Tom, who had been inseparable since they met, expressed their gratitude and love for each other, with Molly saying: “You’ve made this experience so special for me. I can’t imagine being here without you. You’re my best friend, my rock, and my soulmate.” Tom replied: “You’re the most beautiful, kind, and genuine person I’ve ever met. You’ve shown me what true love is. I can’t wait to start our future together.”

The public vote for their favourite couple

The final five couples, who had been voted by the public as the most compatible, faced one last challenge before the results were announced. They had to answer questions about their relationship and their time in the villa, such as how they met, what their favourite moment was, and what their plans were after the show. The couples had to agree on the answers and buzz in when they were ready. Molly and Tom proved to be the most in sync, as they answered all the questions correctly and quickly, earning cheers from their fellow islanders.

Molly and Tom win Love Island

The public then had the chance to vote for their favourite couple via the Love Island app. The voting lines were open for a short period of time, and the results were revealed live by Maya Jama. The presenter announced the couples in reverse order, starting with the fifth place. Georgia Harrison and Anton Danyluk, who had been together since the first day, were the first to leave the villa. They were followed by Georgia Steel and Toby Aromolaran, who had a rocky start but ended up falling for each other. The third place went to Josh Ritchie and Sophie Piper, who had a strong connection and a lot of fun together. The runners-up were Callum Jones and Jess Gale, who had a late romance after Callum dumped Molly for her. The winners were Molly and Tom, who received the most votes from the public and were crowned the Love Island: All Stars champions.

The winners decide to split or steal the money

As per the Love Island tradition, the winning couple had one final twist to face. They had to decide whether to split or steal the £50,000 prize money. Molly and Tom were each given an envelope, one containing the money and the other containing nothing. They had to open their envelopes at the same time and reveal their choice. If they both chose to split, they would share the money equally. If one chose to split and the other chose to steal, the stealer would take the whole amount. If they both chose to steal, they would leave with nothing.

Molly and Tom opened their envelopes and revealed that they both chose to split the money, much to the delight of the audience and the other islanders. They hugged and kissed each other, and said that they were happy with their decision. Maya Jama congratulated them and asked them what they were going to do with the money. Molly said that she wanted to buy a house with Tom and start a family. Tom said that he wanted to travel the world with Molly and spoil her. They also said that they wanted to donate some of the money to charity and help their families. Maya Jama wished them all the best and thanked the viewers for watching the show.

The reaction from the fans and the critics

The Love Island: All Stars finale was watched by millions of fans, who took to social media to share their opinions and reactions. Many fans were happy with the outcome, and praised Molly and Tom for being genuine, loyal, and sweet. They also applauded their decision to split the money and their plans for the future. Some fans, however, were disappointed with the result, and claimed that Callum and Jess deserved to win, as they had more chemistry and drama. They also accused Molly and Tom of being boring, predictable, and fake. Some fans also expressed their dissatisfaction with the All Stars series in general, and called it a “snooze fest”, a “flop”, and a “waste of time”. They complained that the series lacked originality, diversity, and excitement, and that the returning islanders were not interesting enough.

The critics also had mixed reviews about the show, with some praising it for its entertainment value and its nostalgia factor, and others criticizing it for its lack of innovation and its poor casting. Some critics also questioned the ethics and the purpose of the show, and argued that it exploited the islanders and the viewers for profit and ratings. They also pointed out the potential risks and harms of the show, such as the impact on the mental health and the privacy of the participants and the influence on the behaviour and the expectations of the audience.

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