Honeymoon Goals: A Scottish Couple’s Unconventional Celebration Amidst Euro 2024

Introduction In a blend of love and football fervor, Josh Gray and Elyse Ogilvie, a Scottish couple, embarked on an unconventional honeymoon journey, following the Tartan Army to Germany for Euro 2024, right after their nuptials at Kinnettles Castle.

From Vows to Victory Cheers The couple’s passion for soccer led them to choose a honeymoon that combined their love for each other with their love for the game. This section would detail their experiences and the games they attended.

Scottish newlyweds Euro football honeymoon

A Wedding to Remember Their wedding at Kinnettles Castle was a fairytale event, but it was their unique honeymoon plan that caught everyone’s attention. This section would explore the couple’s decision and the reactions from friends and family.

The Tartan Army Trail Following the Tartan Army, the couple experienced the highs and lows of football fandom. This section would describe their journey through Germany during Euro 2024, including interactions with other fans and cultural experiences.

By Ishan Crawford

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