Scots roofer who hid £250k income from taxman offers to pay back £100k

A Scots roofer who evaded paying more than £250,000 in income tax by concealing his earnings for almost a decade has offered to pay back £100,000 to avoid jail. William Miller, 47, was caught after a major HMRC probe into tax fraud and money laundering revealed he was living a lavish lifestyle while declaring minimal income.

How Miller dodged the taxman

Miller, from Glasgow, ran a roofing business under various names, including Miller Roofing, Miller Home Improvements, and Miller Property Maintenance. He advertised his services on social media and websites, and received payments from customers by cash, cheque, and bank transfer.

However, he failed to register his business with HMRC, and did not submit any tax returns or pay any income tax or national insurance contributions between 2012 and 2021. He also used false names and addresses to open bank accounts and obtain credit cards, which he used to launder his illicit income.

Miller’s tax evasion came to light after HMRC received intelligence that he was involved in money laundering. Investigators found that he had deposited more than £1.3 million into his bank accounts over the years, while claiming to earn less than £10,000 a year.

How Miller lived a life of luxury

Miller enjoyed a life of luxury with his ill-gotten gains, spending thousands of pounds on holidays, cars, jewellery, and designer clothes. He also bought properties in Scotland and Spain, and invested in cryptocurrency.

Miller dodged the taxman

He splashed out on a £40,000 BMW, a £30,000 Mercedes, and a £25,000 Audi, as well as a £10,000 Rolex watch, a £7,000 diamond ring, and a £6,000 Louis Vuitton bag. He also spent £20,000 on a holiday to Dubai, and £15,000 on a trip to Las Vegas.

Miller’s lavish lifestyle was exposed by HMRC investigators, who seized his bank statements, invoices, receipts, and photographs. They also searched his home and found £34,000 in cash, as well as luxury goods and documents relating to his properties and cryptocurrency.

How Miller faces justice

Miller pleaded guilty to income tax fraud and money laundering at Glasgow Sheriff Court on January 25, 2024. He admitted that he had evaded paying £252,425 in income tax and national insurance contributions, and had laundered £1,316,158 of his criminal proceeds.

He is due to be sentenced on February 22, 2024, but his lawyer has asked the court to consider a non-custodial sentence. He has offered to pay back £100,000 of his tax debt, and has agreed to sell his properties and hand over his cryptocurrency to HMRC.

HMRC has welcomed Miller’s guilty plea, and has vowed to pursue him for the full amount of his tax liability, plus interest and penalties. A spokesperson for HMRC said: “Miller thought he was above the law and could get away with cheating the tax system. He stole money that should have been used to fund vital public services, and lived a life of luxury at the expense of honest taxpayers. We will not tolerate tax fraud and money laundering, and we will use all our powers to bring offenders to justice and recover the money they owe.”

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