Phoenix Suns look to clinch top-six spot in playoffs

The Phoenix Suns are on a roll as they face the San Antonio Spurs on Tuesday, needing a win to clinch a top-six spot in the NBA playoffs. The Suns currently have the NBA’s longest active win streak, standing at six games. They are 43-35 this season and have won both their previous encounters with the Spurs. A win over San Antonio or a Golden State Warriors loss to Oklahoma City will secure a top-six finish for Phoenix. The NBA playoffs begin on April 15.

Phoenix Suns look to clinch top-six spot in playoffs
Phoenix Suns look to clinch top-six spot in playoffs

Kings hope to clinch third seed in the West

Meanwhile, the Sacramento Kings could clinch the third seed in the Western Conference with a win against New Orleans or a Phoenix loss to the Spurs on Tuesday. The Kings are currently 47-31 and have a five-game advantage over the Suns, who are fourth in the West.

Playoff picture tight in Western Conference

With four games remaining in the regular season, the Suns have a slim lead over the Warriors, Clippers, Lakers, and Pelicans, all of whom are in contention for the final playoff spots. The Suns will play Denver at home on Thursday, visit the Lakers on Friday, and wrap up the regular season against the Clippers on Easter Sunday. The Suns are 26-12 at home this season, making them a strong contender for a higher seed in the playoffs.

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