Mariners’ Cal Raleigh’s Playoff-Clinching Home Run: A Historic Moment


The Mariners’ catcher Cal Raleigh made history with his playoff-clinching home run. The team’s first playoff berth in 20 years was sealed with this unforgettable moment. Let’s analyze the significance of this hit and what it means for the Mariners’ future.

The historic moment

Raleigh’s home run stands alone as the only playoff-clinching walk-off home run hit by a pinch hitter in the last decade. It was also the only one to have an exit velocity greater than 105 miles per hour and a launch angle greater than 30 degrees. This game-changing moment will forever be etched in Mariners’ history.

 Mariners' Cal Raleigh's
Mariners’ Cal Raleigh’s

Raleigh’s journey

Raleigh’s journey to this moment was not an easy one. He was sent down to the minors due to a poor performance in April. However, he bounced back and proved his worth by hitting a home run in his sixth game. He ended the season with a 131 wRC+ tied for third among catchers. His exceptional performance made him an integral part of the team’s lineup.

What it means for the Mariners

The Mariners’ playoff berth after two decades is a significant achievement. The team’s future looks bright, with promising young players like Raleigh leading the way. This moment could be a turning point for the franchise, igniting a new era of success.

Raleigh’s historic playoff-clinching home run is a moment that Mariners’ fans will never forget. It symbolizes the team’s perseverance and determination to succeed. This hit, along with Raleigh’s impressive performance throughout the season, shows that the Mariners have a bright future ahead of them.


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