Kitesurfer rescued by Arbroath lifeboat after equipment failure

How the incident happened

A kitesurfer got into trouble off the coast of Arbroath on Tuesday afternoon, when their equipment malfunctioned and left them stranded in the water. A concerned member of the public spotted the kitesurfer in difficulty and called 999 to alert the Coastguard.

How the rescue operation was carried out

The Coastguard dispatched Arbroath and Dundee Coastguard Rescue Teams, along with Arbroath RNLI lifeboats, to the scene. The kitesurfer was able to self-recover, meaning they managed to get back to shore by themselves, with the help of their kite. The Coastguard rescue teams met them on the beach and provided a first aid check.

What caused the equipment failure

The kitesurfer reported that their equipment had a fault that prevented them from controlling their kite properly. Kitesurfing is a sport that involves riding a board while being pulled by a large kite. It requires skill and experience to handle the wind and waves. Equipment failure can be dangerous, especially in cold or rough conditions.

arbroath lifeboat kitesurfer rescue

What are the risks of kitesurfing

Kitesurfing is an exhilarating and adventurous sport, but it also comes with some risks. According to the British Kitesports Association, some of the common hazards include:

  • Collisions with other kitesurfers, water users, or objects on land or in the water
  • Getting dragged by the kite or losing control of it
  • Getting tangled in the kite lines or harness
  • Injuries from falls, jumps, or crashes
  • Hypothermia, dehydration, or sunburn

How to stay safe while kitesurfing

The British Kitesports Association advises kitesurfers to follow some safety guidelines, such as:

  • Taking lessons from a qualified instructor before going solo
  • Checking the weather and tide conditions before going out
  • Wearing appropriate clothing and protective gear
  • Carrying a safety knife and a whistle
  • Having a buddy system or informing someone of your plans
  • Knowing how to use your safety systems and release mechanisms
  • Respecting other water users and following the rules of the water

What happened to the kitesurfer after the rescue

The kitesurfer who was rescued by Arbroath lifeboat was lucky to escape without any serious injuries. They were given a first aid check by the Coastguard and did not require any further medical attention. They were able to retrieve their equipment and thanked the rescuers for their assistance.

However, they may face some consequences for their actions. The Coastguard has warned that kitesurfing in unsuitable conditions or without proper training can put lives at risk. They may also face a fine or prosecution for causing a false alarm or wasting resources.

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