Kelly Kelly revisits her WWE career and talks about the current women’s locker room environment

Kelly Kelly Shares Insight on WWE’s Women’s Locker Room

Former WWE superstar Kelly Kelly recently revisited her time in the wrestling industry and spoke about her experience in the WWE. She shared her thoughts on the current women’s locker room environment and how it compares to the past.

Kelly Kelly’s Journey in WWE

Kelly Kelly, whose real name is Barbara Blank, was the youngest female superstar to enter the WWE during the late Ruthless Aggression Era. Despite lacking skills in the ring, her popularity made her a cornerstone of the women’s division. She was a perfect combination of wrestling skills and glam quotient. After returning to WWE at the age of just 25, Kelly Kelly stayed away from the squared circle, focusing on her modeling career.

Kelly Kelly revisits her WWE
Kelly Kelly revisits her WWE

Nerves During Royal Rumble Appearances

Kelly Kelly made her comeback to the ring after a long gap by appearing in the 2018, 2020, and 2022 women’s Royal Rumble matches. Despite being a popular name of the past, she admitted to being nervous for all three appearances. The added pressure of living up to her reputation and unfamiliarity with the new bunch of stars made it a nerve-racking experience for her.

Current Women’s Locker Room Environment

Kelly Kelly said that the current environment in the WWE women’s locker room is overall different from the Divas Era. She feels there’s nothing to complain about but stated that it’s a different experience altogether. While the Divas Era focused more on beauty and glamour, the current era focuses on women’s wrestling abilities.

Kelly Kelly’s Legacy in WWE

Kelly Kelly’s journey in the WWE saw her become the Divas Champion on the main roster, an accolade that helped her go beyond the WWE’s resident Barbie Doll status. Her legacy in the WWE is still remembered, and her experience in the wrestling industry is valuable insight into the current women’s locker room environment.

Kelly Kelly’s comeback to the WWE for the Royal Rumble matches allowed her to experience the current women’s locker room environment. Her insight into the differences between the Divas Era and the current era sheds light on the evolution of women’s wrestling in the WWE.

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