How To Tighten Your Vag With Apple Cider Vinegar?

Vaginal relaxation is a term used to describe a condition where the walls of the vagina become loose. This can be due to childbirth, aging, or not exercising the vaginal muscles.

Excess sweating from exercise can also contribute to vaginal relaxation as sweat removes oils from the skin. When these oils are not replaced, the vagina can become dry and brittle which allows the walls to separate.

Fortunately, there are easy ways to tighten your vag with apple cider vinegar! This natural ingredient helps maintain healthy pH balance and kills bacteria, making it great for a vaginal spray.

Acidic solutions prevent the growth of bacteria which is why this works as a repellent. You will need to re-apply this periodically depending on how often you exercise and sweat, however.

Pour into glass container


Next, you will need to pour the apple cider vinegar into a glass container. You can use a bottle or jar, however, make sure it is clean and dry.

Make sure you get enough ACV for several uses as well, you will be using this often!

Tip: Use a measuring cup to get the correct amount of ACV needed for the solution. This will help you not use too much or too little of the liquid.

Pro-tip: Make more than one bottle at a time so that you do not have to repeat the process multiple times. You will find yourself using this often, so make it easier on yourself and make enough for future uses!

General tips: Once made, store your solution in a cool, dark place until you need to use it. The solution should last several weeks unless exposed to light or heat, in which case it should be replaced.

Take teaspoons of apple cider vinegar

how to tighten your vag with apple cider vinegar

Once you have diluted your apple cider vinegar, it is time to take some yourself. You can do this in two ways.

The first way is to take a teaspoon of the diluted ACV every day. This will help keep your vaginal pH balance healthy and lower the risk of bacteria growing in your vagina.

The second way is to take a teaspoon every night before bed. This will help prevent bacterial vaginosis, a common vaginal infection caused by an imbalance of healthy bacteria and yeast in the vagina.

ACV is not recommended as a long-term solution, however. Because it is acidic, it can reduce the protective layer of cells on the vagina’s surface, which could make you more susceptible to infections.

Mix with water in bottle


Another way you can use apple cider vinegar is to mix it with water in a bottle. You can purchase a bottle or reuse an old one you have.

Then, all you need to do is fill the bottle with water and add about two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Shake it up and let it sit for a few hours or all day.

You will want to top off the water as it absorbs the ACV flavor and dilutes it. You can use this as an enema or douche, but the original intention for these products was not for vaginal health.

Enemas can be helpful for removing built-up substances in your intestines, but may not be the best for your vagina. A douche purges your vagina of discharge and odor, but may not be totally necessary.

Drink more water

how to tighten your vag with apple cider vinegar

Keeping yourself hydrated keeps your vagina healthy as well. Apple cider vinegar works by reducing the number of harmful bacteria in your body, making it a good option for a clean bill of health.

Water helps flush out toxins and chemicals, so be sure to drink lots of water every day. You can also use ACV in your water to add more health benefits.

However, you should avoid drinking excessive amounts of water or any other liquid containing high amounts of electrolytes (like sodium) with ACV as it may cause a slight drop in the acid level in your body.

This is because ACV contains acetic acid, which is a type of electrolyte. When more water is ingested, there is more acetic acid and sodium which can lead to less inside the body. This could potentially cause health issues like low blood pressure.

Practice kegels

how to tighten your vag with apple cider vinegar

While vaginal weights may help you feel more comfortable with your body and in intimate situations, they are not a necessary product. A lot of women’s health care providers recommend kegels as a way to strengthen the pelvic floor.

Kegels involve flexing and releasing the pelvic floor muscles. You can do this manually or automatically, by keeping track of when you urinate or during sex.

Instruction vary, but usually involve consciously relaxing the pelvic floor muscles and then flexing them up and down. Repeat several times until the muscles are tired out.

Sex therapists often recommend keeping a journal of your pelvic floor exercises to see how well you are improving. Some suggest doing kegels before bed to improve blood flow and relaxation in the pelvis, which could help with sleep quality.

See your doctor

how to tighten your vag with apple cider vinegar

If you experience any vaginal infections or symptoms like a noticeable odor, discharge, or inflammation, see your doctor. Your doctor can give you medication to treat the issue and help restore your vagina’s pH balance.

Unfortunately, there is not much doctors can do to help you restore your healthy pH balance. This is because doctors don’t really understand how the normal vaginal pH balance occurs.

Dr. Jennifer Jack provides in-depth information about this in an article for Women’s Health, where she explains that doctors know more about how to treat a low-pH environment than how to create one.

She also mentions that antibiotics are often given to patients to treat bacterial infections, but these medications can change the overall vaginal pH. Antibiotics also have negative side effects that need to be considered.

Know the risks


While vaginal cleansers can be helpful, you should always be careful when choosing one. Many products contain chemicals that are harmful to your health.

Some of these include triclosan, parabens, fragrances, and microbeads. Triclosan is a antibacterial agent found in some soaps and cleansers.

Parabens are a group of chemical compounds that function as preservatives in cosmetics. Fragrances can be derived from a variety of natural and synthetic sources that may contain toxins.

Microbeads are tiny particles found in some exfoliating products. They have been banned in the United States but are still present in some products sold outside the country.

Because Apple cider vinegar is a natural product, it is better to use it over chemical-laden cleansers. However, you should always check the smell and make sure it is not too strong.

Apple cider vinegar is mild acidity solution that can help tighten your vagina due to its pH level


ACV can be used in a few ways to help restore the pH balance of your vagina. You can wash your vagina with a solution of ACV and water, you can use it in a personal lubricant, or you can insert it into your vagina.

Washing your vagina with a solution of ACV and water will require more time but may be more effective. You will need to soak in a bath of warm water for about half an hour and then rinse yourself off with the ACV solution.

Then, once you are dry, you will need to rub some ACV onto your labia and inside your vagina. You will have to do this twice a day for at least two weeks in order to see results.

Using ACV as a personal lubricant is easier, but may not be as effective.

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