How To Flip A Pancake?

Pancakes are a staple breakfast food. Whether you like them plain or fancy with toppings and flavor additions, everyone loves a good pancake. Making them yourself can be a little bit tricky, though!

They are quite thin, so getting them to turn over in the pan can be difficult. If they are too thick, they may also burn before they have cooked all the way through. Luckily, we have tips for how to flip your pancake so it comes out perfect every time!

Depending on your preference for thickness, either a crepe pan or regular frying pan can be used to cook pancakes. Crepe pans have a very high rim, making it easier to flip the pancakes as they cook. If you do not have a crepe pan, do not worry- any regular frying pan will work!

Here are some tips to help you flip your pancake successfully every time.

Hold the pan still


When you flip a pancake, you must hold the pan still. If you hold the pan still, the batter will spread out as it cooks, and when you turn the pancake, the already-cooked part will not get ripped off when you turn it over.

You must also use a non-stick pan or greased pan to make this technique work. If you have a regular stainless steel or cast iron pan, then spray it with some non-stick spray to make this technique work.

If you have a fluffy pancake recipe, then add less batter to the pan to help prevent the pancake from being too thick. If the pancake is too thick, then it will be harder to turn it over without ripping off the already cooked part.

Give the pan a small shake

how to flip a pancake

When you flip your pancake, give the pan a small shake before you try to turn it. This will help ensure the pancake does not stick to the pan.

As you pull the pan back, the empty space creates a moving force that helps separate the pancake from the pan. If you did not do this, then it could stick and then break apart when you try to turn it.

If it does stick a little, do not try to pull it free. Instead, wait until it cooks through and then use a spatula to free it. You can also use some butter to help prevent it from sticking as much next time.

Give the batter a quick stir

how to flip a pancake

Once the batter is mixed, give it a quick stir to redistribute any powdered sugar or butter that may have settled at the bottom.

This will ensure that your pancakes do not have a burnt taste due to missing butter, and that they are not too thin due to lacking powdered sugar.

As mentioned before, it is also a good time to check the consistency of the batter. If it is too runny, then some more flour needs to be added, and if it is too thick, some more milk needs to be used.

A medium-thick consistency usually yields better pancakes as they cook all the way through. Thin ones can sometimes have raw middle areas that do not taste good!

After stirring the batter, let it sit for about five minutes to settle further before pouring it in the pan. You can then rotate the pancake in the pan for a rounder shape.

Put the pan down flat on the heat


A pancake lover’s trick is to put the pan down flat on the heat before adding any batter. Then you let it sit for a moment before flipping it.

This is called easing in the batter. Easing in the batter allows it to set slightly as it flows into the shape of the pan.

If you did not ease in the batter, it would run over the sides of the pan and make it harder to flip and re-position for cooking.

Once it sets slightly, you can shake out any bubbles and then you are ready to flip!

If you poured your pancake batter into a hot pan, it would set down into a flat cake and probably burn on the bottom.

Let the bottom start to brown


When you are ready to flip your pancake, you want to make sure the bottom is ready to be turned over. If you try to flip it before then, it will most likely break and ruin the pancake!

Once you have spread the batter into a round shape, let the bottom start to brown. You can tell when it is ready if you see the color change from white to brown. Then you can try to flip it!

Some tips for achieving a fluffy pancake every time? Use a natural substance like eggs or baking powder to help rising. Make sure your pan is hot enough before adding the batter so that it does not stick.

Shake the pan to move it and keep an even color

how to flip a pancake

Once the first side is cooked, carefully flip the pancake with a spatula. Try to avoid scraping all of the cooked part off and starting from scratch.

Once the pancake is flipped, let it cook until its color changes to almost brown on both sides. Once it looks ready to be turned, give it a shake of the pan to distribute the batter and uncooked parts. This helps create a more even color across the pancake.

Once you are happy with the color, take off the pan and put on a warm plate to serve.

When it is ready, use a spoon to flip it


Flipping a pancake is a tricky task that not every person can do. If you are able to flip a pancake, then you will be admired by everyone watching you.

You should always use a spatula to flip the pancake, not a fork. The holes in the fork may damage the pancake batter as you try to flip it.

A regular round spatula works best as it has rounded edges that can get under the pancake easily to pick it up. Square shaped ones may have sharp corners that cannot reach the bottom of the pan.

Once you have scooped up the pancake, move it to the other side quickly and then let it cook on that side for about one minute until it is golden brown. If you take too long to flip it, then it may fall apart.

Cook the other side until done


Once your pancake is cooked on one side, it is time to cook the other side. This can be done in a few ways!

You can flip the pancake using a spatula and then cook the other side using the heated pan alone. You can also use a pan that can fold pancakes such as a crepe pan or a pancake pan that has holes in it like a griddle.

Either way, make sure to let the pancake set before trying to turn it over. If you try to flip it while it is still soft, it will break apart. It takes a little trial and error to get the right consistency!

Once cooked, your pancake is ready to be served! Try tossing some berries on top and serve up.

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