How Many Ml Are In A Shot Glass?

Cocktails have been a popular drink choice for a few decades now. Many people look up how to make new cocktails or where to find new recipes.

Since there are so many cocktail recipes and since people can be picky on what drinks they like, it is a good idea to know how to make a good cocktail from scratch.

Making your own cocktail recipe can be fun, but can also be tricky. The main ingredients in cocktails are spirits, mixers, and garnishes. Spirits are the base of the drink, mixers are the liquid components other than spirits, and garnishes are the finishing touches.

The right ratio of these three components is what makes a good cocktail. Getting these ratios correct takes trial and error, so do not get too frustrated if your first one does not taste perfect.

0.5 oz

how many ml are in a shot glass

A 0.5 oz shot is the same size as a 1 oz shot, but with less liquid. The difference is almost always alcohol, making it a less potent shot.

Most bars have a policy of one 0.5 oz shot per order, however this size shot is often used to make cocktails. When making a cocktail, the barista or bartender pools all the ingredients together and mixes them so they can measure how much alcohol is in the whole drink instead of just pouring a shot.

People usually use the term shorter when referring to the 0.5 oz shot, but you can use this size to trick your friends into drinking less! Try setting out an extra 0.5 oz shot next to your usual 1 oz shots and see what happens.

This size shoot is not very common, so if you want to stick with more standard sizes, just keep in mind that there are slightly less shots in a 1 oz shot than in a 0.5 oz shot.

0.75 oz

how many ml are in a shot glass

The next common shot size is 0.75 oz, which is also known as a half ounce or half-oz. This is typically the same size as a 1oz shot, but with less liquid.

Like the 1oz shot, most bars serve liquor in 1oz shots, so if you order a 0.75oz shot of liquor, you will probably get a slight pour at the bar. It is best to check with the bar staff how they measure shots for this one.

0.75 oz shots are not very common and are more than likely a downsized 1oz shot. There is not really a middle ground between these two sizes!

0.5 oz and 0.75 oz are both fractions of an ounce less than one ounce, making them easy measurements to remember! If you are ever unsure of what shot size someone ordered, just ask if it was an inch tall? If the answer is yes, it was most likely a 0.75 oz shot.

1 oz

how many ml are in a shot glass

A standard shot glass holds 1 oz of liquid. This is the same as a standard 1 oz bar measure. Many establishments pour a ½ oz-1oz shot, depending on what liquid is being poured.

Most people do not have issues with this as most people drink straight liquor, however, if you are drinking mixed drinks, you may want to ask for extra shots to make up for the difference.

Aside from having too little liquid in a shot glass, another issue is having too much liquid in a jigger. A jigger is what most bars use to measure 1 oz of liquid.

1.5 oz

how many ml are in a shot glass

A shot glass holds 1.5 oz of liquid. This is the same as a standard 1oz shot plus 0.5oz to hold it by. Most shot glasses hold 1oz, so a 1.5 oz shot glass is a nice upgrade.

Many bar sets include a larger shot glass that holds 2oz. These are great if you like to drink your drinks faster, or you just like the look and feel of the bigger glass.

The difference between a cocktail glass and a cocktail pitcher is the shape and volume capacity. A cocktail glass is typically wider at the top and bottom, with less volume capacity than a pitcher.

Both can be used to make cocktails, so do not worry if you do not have a pitcher! You can always buy one if you want to make more cocktails, or switch it up for different drinks.

2 oz


A 2 oz shot is the same size as a 1 oz shot, but it contains twice the amount of alcohol. Therefore, a 2 oz shot will be slightly stronger than a 1 oz shot.

Many drinks are made by pouring a shot into a drink, like a margarita or hurricane. Since these drinks are served in big glasses, it is easy to pour more liquid than just a shot!

However, since a shot is such a standard measure for alcohol, baristas and bartenders rely on the fact that one shot is one ounce of alcohol to make your drink.

One thing to remember is that most shots contain approximately one teaspoon of liquor. This makes it easier to tell how much alcohol is in your drink since you can count the teaspoons!

Two ounces of any liquor will make you feel the effects of the alcohol more than just one ounce will.

2.5 oz


A shot glass holds 2.5 ounces of liquid. This is the same amount of liquid held in a medium drink glass. Most drinking games require a shot glass per player, so everyone can contribute to the fun!

Drinking games can be a lot of fun, especially when you get good at them. The trick is knowing how many shots each game requires and how much alcohol each one requires.

Some games require water or another non-alcoholic liquid instead of alcohol, so you can still have fun without the booze. Others require you to drink from different glasses or containers, which gets tricky.

Beer pong is one such game that requires you to pour multiple cups of beer into one big cup before throwing it at your opponent’s cup.

3 oz


A 3 oz shot is the equivalent of 1.5 shots. Since most bars serve 1-1.5 shots per drink, this amount is enough for one full drink. You will need to mix your drinks more carefully, as you will not have enough liquor to make two drinks!

Many people use this measurement for mixing cocktails instead of using a standard cocktail glass. This way, you get the right amount of ingredients for the number of people drinking. It also saves extra liquor if people ask for seconds!

3 oz shots are also known as a measuring shot. Many bartenders keep a set of these on the bar so customers can order one and get their drink made correctly.

3.5 oz

how many ml are in a shot glass

A standard bar shot glass holds between 1 and 1.5 oz of liquid. The average bar shot glass holds 1.25 oz of liquid. This is the most common size shot glass in bars across the country.

Most bars use 1.5 oz for martinis, since it requires more liquid to include the alcohol poured in the glass with the olives or chips.

Standard wine glasses hold 3.5 oz of liquid, so splitting a full wine glass between two people is equivalent to one bar shot glass each.

3.5 oz is also the standard milk jug size, so if you are out somewhere and need some milk, ask for a shot glass full! You will get the right amount.

Surprisingly, one baseball ball size water bottle holds around 3.5 oz of water! Keep that in mind if you need to ration water at events where they provide them.

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