General Election 2024: Predicted Winners of Glasgow and Surrounding Seats

As the general election approaches, predictions are rolling in for the seats in and around Glasgow. Polls indicate significant shifts, with some constituencies experiencing tight races. Let’s delve into the forecasted winners for the upcoming election.

Glasgow North – Martin Rhodes (Labour)

In the Glasgow North constituency, Scottish Labour candidate Martin Rhodes is predicted to secure victory. His campaign focuses on local issues, community engagement, and social justice.

Glasgow skyline

Glasgow East – John Grady (Labour)

John Grady, another Scottish Labour candidate, is poised to take the Glasgow East seat. His commitment to improving education, healthcare, and housing resonates with voters.

Glasgow North East – Maureen Burke (Labour)

Maureen Burke, a dedicated Scottish Labour candidate, is expected to retain the Glasgow North East seat. Her advocacy for affordable housing and support for vulnerable communities has garnered widespread support.

Glasgow South – Stewart McDonald (SNP)

Stewart McDonald, representing the SNP, is projected to maintain the Glasgow South seat. His track record on environmental issues and commitment to Scotland’s independence align with his constituents’ priorities.

As the election draws near, these predicted winners will shape Scotland’s representation in Westminster. The battle for each seat remains fierce, and voters’ choices will determine the course of the nation.

By Dayna Bass

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