Folk at the Salmon Bothy group welcomes 2024 with music and joy

The Folk at the Salmon Bothy group, based in Portsoy, celebrated the New Year with a special online event that featured music, poetry, and stories. The group, which has been running for over a decade, aims to promote folk music and culture in the north-east of Scotland.

A virtual celebration

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, the group decided to host a virtual celebration instead of their usual live event at the Salmon Bothy, a historic building that was once used for curing fish. The online event, which was streamed on Facebook and YouTube, attracted more than 200 viewers from around the world.

The event featured performances by local and guest musicians, poets, and storytellers, who shared their talents and wishes for the new year. Some of the highlights included songs by Iona Fyfe, a young award-winning folk singer from Aberdeenshire, poems by Sheena Blackhall, a renowned poet and writer from Aberdeen, and stories by Pauline Cordiner, a professional storyteller from Fettercairn.

The event also showcased the group’s own members, who performed a variety of folk songs, tunes, and recitations. Some of the songs were traditional, while others were composed by the members themselves. The event was hosted by Bob Philips, the chairman of the group, who also played the fiddle and sang.

Folk at the Salmon Bothy group welcomes 2024

A thriving folk scene

The Folk at the Salmon Bothy group was formed in 2010, when a group of folk enthusiasts decided to use the Salmon Bothy as a venue for folk events. The Salmon Bothy, which dates back to the 18th century, is owned by the Scottish Traditional Boat Festival, which also supports the group.

The group organises regular concerts, sessions, workshops, and festivals throughout the year, featuring local, national, and international folk artists. The group also runs the Haal Festival, an annual weekend of folk music and culture, which attracts hundreds of visitors to Portsoy every June.

The group has a strong community spirit, and welcomes anyone who is interested in folk music and culture. The group also supports various local causes and charities, such as the Portsoy Community Enterprise, the Portsoy Thrift Shop, and the Portsoy Food Bank.

A hopeful outlook

The group hopes that the New Year will bring more opportunities for live folk events, and that they will be able to resume their activities at the Salmon Bothy soon. The group also plans to continue their online events, as they have proved to be popular and accessible to a wider audience.

The group is grateful for the support and feedback they have received from their viewers and fans, and they invite everyone to join them for their next online event, which will be held on January 29, 2024. The event will feature more folk music, poetry, and stories, as well as a quiz and a raffle.

The group wishes everyone a happy and healthy 2024, and hopes that folk music and culture will bring joy and comfort to people in these challenging times.

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