Faye Bala: A 22-Year Battle with Essential Thrombocythemia


Faye Bala, a 38-year-old businesswoman from Aberdeen, has been living with Essential Thrombocythemia (ET) since she was just 16. This rare blood disorder affects platelets and bone marrow, leading to a grueling 22-year-long battle. Despite the challenges, Faye’s resilience and determination have inspired many. In honor of Blood Cancer Awareness Month, let’s delve into her remarkable journey.

The Silent Struggle

Faye’s school days in the Granite City were marked by terrible headaches. These debilitating migraines left her exhausted, forcing her to lie down daily after classes. Initially misdiagnosed with a need for glasses, Faye’s condition persisted. One day, she collapsed at home, prompting blood tests that revealed an elevated platelet count. Her doctor in Aberdeen cautioned her not to Google the condition, hinting at its connection to cancer. Over time, the classification shifted, and ET became recognized as a type of blood cancer.

Faye Bala blood cancer

Navigating Life with ET

Despite the diagnosis, Faye continued her journey. She owns a beauty salon and has recently started discussing her illness with friends and clients through social media posts and videos. These candid conversations not only garnered positive responses but also helped Faye come to terms with her condition. Her treatment involved Hydroxycarbamide, a mild oral chemotherapy, followed by aspirin. In 2018, during her pregnancy with daughter Olive, Faye managed well, but the headaches returned later, even causing temporary speech loss.

A Journey of Resilience

Faye’s story exemplifies resilience. She faces the risk of heart attacks, strokes, and blood clots due to her elevated platelet levels. Yet, she continues to inspire others by sharing her experiences. Faye’s battle with ET reminds us that strength lies in vulnerability and that awareness can empower those fighting silent battles. As we honor Blood Cancer Awareness Month, let’s celebrate Faye’s courage and determination.

By Axel Piper

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