Farming Policy Calls Welcomed by Grain Firm as Nation Prepares for General Election Vote

As the country prepares to vote in the July 4th General Election, Simon Wilcox, Manager of UK Farm Grain Origination at agricultural market leader Cefetra Grain, has commented on how farming has been firmly on the political agenda during the campaign. With key locations across the UK and significant involvement in importing and exporting, there are a host of policy decisions ahead that will impact the business. Let’s explore the key issues raised by leading organizations and their implications for the farming industry.

The National Farmers’ Union (NFU) Manifesto

The NFU, representing farmers across the UK, has set out its manifesto. Their ‚Äúkey asks‚ÄĚ include:

  • A commitment to a UK agricultural budget that supports sustainable domestic food production, environmental goals, and all land tenures.
  • Development of core production standards applicable to all agri-food imports.
  • Establishment of a new food security index and target, including monitoring and reporting on annual domestic food production levels.
  • A smooth transition to new environmental schemes open to all farmers and growers.
  • A commitment to source 50% of food into the public sector from British farms.

Farming policy

The Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC) Priorities

The AIC emphasizes the need for:

  • An independent UK Food Security Committee.
  • Improved trade by addressing policy divergence between the UK and EU and within the UK home nations.
  • Standardized sustainability metrics to ensure UK agriculture is not disadvantaged.

While different organizations advocate for various approaches, the focus remains on supporting the farming industry’s recovery from pandemic shocks, the cost of living crisis, geopolitical conflicts, and inflation. As the nation votes, the future direction of farming policy will significantly impact the industry’s resilience and growth.

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