Dundee charity launches new project to help children in poverty

Dundee Bairns provides food and clothes to needy families

Dundee Bairns is a charity that aims to tackle child poverty in Dundee by providing food and clothes to children and families who are struggling. The charity was founded in 2014 and has since helped thousands of people in the city.

The charity runs various projects, such as the Fun and Food programme, which offers free meals and activities to children during school holidays, and the School Uniform Bank, which supplies new and second-hand uniforms to pupils.

Bairns at Home delivers essential items to homes

The charity has recently launched a new project called Bairns at Home, which allows donations of everyday items from companies to be distributed across the city. The project was inspired by a similar initiative started by former Prime Minister Gordon Brown in Fife.

Bairns at Home aims to supply things that statutory services cannot provide, such as household goods, toiletries, washing items, and other essentials. The project also hopes to improve the well-being and dignity of families living in poverty.

dundee bairns warehouse boxes

The charity receives millions of pounds’ worth of donations from businesses across Fife, but is also appealing for Dundee-based companies to get involved. The donations are sorted and packed into boxes at a warehouse in Dundee.

Schools and agencies refer families in need

The boxes are then delivered to local schools, agencies, and charities who have made referrals on behalf of families needing help. The charity works with over 100 partners across the city, including schools, nurseries, social workers, health visitors, and community groups.

The charity says that the cost of living crisis has hit families hard in Dundee, and that many people are beyond the point of crisis. The charity hopes that by providing essential items, it can help families to thrive instead of just survive.

One of the schools that is using the donations is Ballumbie Primary School, which has created an ‘essential items’ bank for its pupils and families. The school says that some families are reluctant to ask for help from outside sources, but feel more comfortable getting support from the school staff.

Charity plans to expand the project

The project has already helped 275 families in the first six weeks of its launch. The charity says that the demand for its services is high, and that it expects to help more people in the coming months.

The charity plans to expand the project by securing more donations, volunteers, and storage space. The charity also wants to raise awareness and education about child poverty in Dundee, and to encourage more people to get involved.

The charity says that it is grateful for the support it has received from the public and private sectors, and that it is determined to make a difference in the lives of children and families in Dundee.

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