Does Drinking Apple Juice Increase Pp Size?

Apple juice is a common beverage choice. Many people enjoy it for its natural sweetness and variety of flavors that it comes in. For example, you can get apple juice in either red or green hue, or mix them together for a more unique flavor.

Apple juice is also widely marketed as a healthy drink option. Many advertising campaigns emphasize the fact that it is 100% pure and natural, making it an appealing choice over products containing additives or sugar.

Despite its obvious health perks, new research has found that drinking excessive amounts of apple juice can actually decrease penis size. Sadly, this includes both actual apple juice and other similar fruit juices such as grapefruit or orange.

This research was conducted by British and American scientists who shared their findings in the Journal Of Andrology. They tracked the effects of different types of alcohol on male rats for two months, before conducting further testing on their penises. The researchers determined that the average rat shrunk by 1% in length and 5% in girth after two months of being exposed to alcohol.

Does it work?

does drinking apple juice increase pp size

Though many claim apple juice increases penis size, these claims are mostly unsubstantiated. There are no real studies on the effect of apple juice on penis size, so it is best to be cautious.

Many advertisements for male enhancement products use the claim “increases size” as a selling point, but there is rarely any scientific proof for this claim.

Some advertisements even use photos that are not of the user, which would indicate that there is no proof this product works.

If there was proof that a product worked, they would use a photo of someone who used the product, wouldn’t they?

Unfortunately, most supplements and solutions to increase penis size are scams. There is no pill or solution that will make your penis permanently larger. The truth is, length and girth depend on several factors including genetics and hormonal levels.

How does it work?

does drinking apple juice increase pp size

Apple juice is made by squeezing an apple to get its juice out. Then, the remaining pulp, or leftovers after juicing, are mixed with more fresh apples to make a new fresh batch of apple juice.

This process is repeated until it becomes too thin, at which point it is bottled and sold as Apple Juice!

Apple juice takes a few hours to make, depending on how many batches are being made at once. It takes a significant amount of effort to make it so it is not something that can be done quickly.

The harder part of making apple juice is getting the consistency right. Too thin and it will not keep or taste as good as when it is thicker. Too thick and it will not pour easily or bottle well.

What are the ingredients?


When choosing apple juice, make sure to look at the ingredient list. Most bottles will list ‘apple juice’ as the first ingredient, but that may be because of marketing strategies.

Apple juice is made from apples so the main ingredient is already there! However, there are some recipes that call for added sugar or other ingredients like carrot juice.

Carrot juice would add a different flavor to the drink, which some people may like. But since it is not an apple, it would not be apple juice. Some juices may also contain water to reduce the cost of the product.

To make sure you are getting all natural apple juice, check if there is added water and/or sugar on the label.

Does drinking apple juice really work?

does drinking apple juice increase pp size

Yes, drinking apple juice can help increase your penis size, but only if you make it part of a well-balanced penis enlargement regimen.

kidding! Unfortunately, there is no universal formula for penis enlargement that works for everyone. As with any diet or health regimen, people have to find what works for them.

However, there is one piece of advice that everyone should heed: don’t drink too much alcohol.

Alcohol can damage the liver, which is an important organ when it comes to producing sex hormones such as testosterone. For people who are trying to increase their penis size, this is the last thing they want.

Aside from alcohol, there are several supplements and foods that can help boost testosterone levels and therefore aid in penile growth. We will discuss some of these a little later in this article.

What size will I get?


The answer to this question depends on your current size. If you are already in the average size, apple juice will not increase your size. You must be below average to see a change in size!

If you are below average, apple juice will help you get to average. If you are already at average, it will not make you bigger, but may help keep you there.

If you are above average, it is hard to say whether or not apple juice will make you smaller or not. It may help slightly, but most people find it difficult to reduce size unless they seek professional help.

Remember: if you are above average and want to be back at average, keep drinking water and eating healthy! Do not rely only on Apple Juice for relief.

Is it permanent?


Unfortunately, PP enlargement is only temporary. As soon as you stop drinking the required amount of apple juice, your PP will return to its original size.

You must maintain the habit of drinking the required amount of apple juice for a few weeks in order to see any changes. Once you master the skill of permanent PP enlargement, you can celebrate!

Many users report that it took about one to two weeks to notice any changes, and three to four weeks for the changes to be permanent. Some people reported taking up to a month to see any changes, so do not lose hope!

However, some users did report that after they stopped drinking the required amount of apple juice, their PP decreased in size and returned to normal. This is why it is important to keep track of how much AP you are consuming per day in order to maintain the effects.

Are there any side effects?

does drinking apple juice increase pp size

This is a controversial method, and one that should be used with caution. Many people have reported negative side effects, including sweats, nightmares, anxiety, and vomiting.

Some have even reported more serious side effects like depressed immune system function, memory loss, and emotional instability. While most of these reports are unconfirmed, it is best to be aware of the possible risks.

Paraphilia is a term used to describe sexual desires for unusual objects or situations. Some reports suggest that celerbity may reduce the desire for sex altogether. However, this has not been confirmed by doctors.

Despite its potential benefits, celerbity is not a natural way to treat psoriasis. If you are experiencing symptoms of psoriasis and want to try celerbity to reduce your symptoms, speak with your doctor first! They will be able to help you manage your condition and Celerbity safely.

What is the cost?


Along with the time, the biggest factor in going to gym is the cost. You may have to pay a membership fee, plus there may be equipment you need to purchase.

Gyms often have monthly plans where you pay a set fee every month instead of a per visit fee. This helps people commit to going since they are already paying for it.

There are free fitness apps and sites that help you get started on your fitness journey without the cost of gym membership or equipment. Starting off simple can help you find gains quickly!

Fitness apps can keep track of your workouts, help you set goals, and some even pay for themselves by offering advertising or sponsorship money from companies that want to promote their products.

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