Can I Eat Chips After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Following wisdom teeth removal, many people are inclined to reach for the snacks. While you need to be careful with what you eat for a few days, you can definitely eat chips after wisdom teeth removal.

Wisdom teeth removal is a process that takes several days. The dentist will first remove the tooth, then place an implant or bridge to keep the gums healthy, and then lastly stitch your mouth shut to let the healing process take place.

During this time, you need to be careful with what you eat and drink. The antibiotics will most likely make you sick if you ingest something bad, so water is your best friend during this time!

Post-op care includes keeping a soft diet for a few days while the stitches are in place.

No, you cannot eat chips after wisdom teeth removal


Unfortunately, you will have to go several days without your favorite snacks. While you are recovering, you should stick to soft foods like pasta, rice, and soft vegetables.

Unfortunately, chips are classified as a hard food. Since you will be wearing a brace and probably have some pain and swelling, you will not want to bite into a chip and risk hurt your gums or the new healing tissue.

Wisdom teeth usually take about three to four weeks to heal completely.


can i eat chips after wisdom teeth removal

While chip snacks are delicious and satisfying, they are not the best choice after tooth removal. You will need to eat foods that are soft and easy to chew and bite into until your gums and teeth heal and strengthen.

Until then, you will need to stick to softer foods such as chips, fries, baked goods, and some fruits and vegetables. If you try to eat raw vegetables or fruit, you will find it difficult to chew them until your gums heal.

Once you are able to chew normal food again, then you can return to eating chips! Just make sure they are light brownish colored chips instead of super salty ones.

Also, try to limit the number of servings of chips you have per day due to their high calorie content.

Soft foods are best after surgery

can i eat chips after wisdom teeth removal

After you have your wisdom teeth removed, your dentist will give you instructions on what to eat. Most doctors recommend soft foods for a few days after surgery.

These include things like ice cream, smoothies, eggs, soup, and chips. Because you will probably not be able to chew very well, chips may seem like an odd choice.

But they are soft and can be a good source of nutrients while you are still recovering. Nutrition after surgery is important because it can impact healing and pain management.

Chips can provide enough nutrients while you are still having issues chewing and eating normal foods. As long as they are corn or potato chips, then they are okay to have after surgery.

Warning: Do not have fried chips after surgery! These only cause more digestive distress and do not help with the recovery process.

Hard foods are okay, too

can i eat chips after wisdom teeth removal

While soft foods are recommended while your gums are healing, you can also add in some hard foods like crackers and chips.

These items can be useful as you recover as they are more durable than soft foods. If you manage to chip a cracker or chip on a soft food, then you know you are ready to eat more solid foods.

Wisdom teeth removal patients often ask if they can eat chips after their surgery. The answer is yes, you can eat some chips after wisdom teeth removal!

However, it is best to wait a few days until your gums have healed some before eating too many chips. This is because they are quite thick and may hurt your still-sensitive gums.

Also, too many may make you feel sick due to the dehydration caused by the surgery.

Smoother textures are better

can i eat chips after wisdom teeth removal

While crunchy snacks are fine, chips and crispy foods are more difficult to manage after tooth removal. They can be messy and hard to eat without dropping bits and pieces.

If you are hungry, chips can be satisfying to eat after surgery. Just make sure they are soft chip varieties like baked pita chips or tortilla chips! If you have a food dehydrator, you could even make your own chip replacements.

Dry foods like granola or cereal are also easy to eat after surgery. Make sure to wash your hands before eating and drinking liquids if needed. If you get hungry early, start with dry foods first so your stomach does not get upset from too much in one sitting.

Avoid sticky foods like candy until your mouth heals more, as this can cause more complications due to the stuck-ness.

Soups are great post-surgery


Once you are able to eat normal foods again, soup is a great way to re-introduce foods. Soups are also very soothing for the mouth as they are soft and have a liquid consistency.

Soups also have a wide variety of ingredients that can be added to enhance flavor. Some of your favorite foods may already be in soup form, making it even more delicious.

Since soup is a food group, you can have as much of it as you like! Some people even eat gallons of the stuff at one time.

Wisdom teeth removal recovery can take several days, so having some easy-to-digest meals and snacks helps get back into the rhythm of eating. Soup is one of those easy meals that does not hurt your mouth due to its soft texture.

Soft fruits are good post-surgery

can i eat chips after wisdom teeth removal

After your teeth have been removed, you can eat soft fruits like bananas, berries, and avocado. You can also have soft vegetables like tomato or carrot.

People vary on how long to wait before eating these foods after surgery. Some people say just overnight while others say a few days or weeks. It is best to check with your surgeon for the exact time frame!

Some surgeons request their patients avoid starch foods like chips or fries for a period of time. This is because starch foods may attach to the bleeding gums and make them hurt more.

Starch foods are not bad for you after surgery, they just may not be comfortable. If you are craving something salty, try some chips! They are a safe post-surgery snack choice.

Before you take your first post-surgery bite, make sure it is clean and sterile. It is also important to use proper dental hygiene practices after surgery.

Soft vegetables are good post-surgery

can i eat chips after wisdom teeth removal

After your surgery, you will need to eat soft foods for a few days. This includes vegetables like celery and carrots, and soft fruits like bananas and pears. You will also be able to drink water, shakes, and soup until you can eat the softer foods.

It is important to start eating some of these foods the day after surgery. Keeping yourself hydrated is important post-surgery and tough to do without drinking fluids.

You will be given instructions on what you can eat and how much. Follow these instructions closely to make your recovery process go more smoothly!

Following surgery, you’ll probably feel pretty hungry, which is why the dietitians who oversee your recovery advise you to eat frequent small meals that are high in protein and calories. This way, you won’t feel hungry for long.

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