Can Diabetics Eat Movie Popcorn?

Popcorn is a very popular snack in America. It is considered a movie snack, although it is available at most vendors. There are also many ways to make popcorn, including using a microwave bag, oil, and a hot plate.

Popcorn is a grain that is very easily made, which is probably why there are so many ways to prepare it. The easiest way to make popcorn is probably with the microwave method.

Unfortunately, this easy method of popcorn making may not be suitable for all diabetics. Diabetics may experience trouble with eating popcorn due to the amount of carbs in it and how many you have to eat to get enough popped corn out.

This can also lead to having too much filled up on pop corn and not enough of other snacks or meals. Although it may be fine for some people with diabetes, others may need to watch their sugar levels after eating it.

Is it safe for diabetics to eat movie popcorn?

can diabetics eat movie popcorn

Yes, diabetics can enjoy movie popcorn. As with any food, portion control is important. A small bag or cup of popcorn is a good start.

You can make your own in a brown paper bag using olive oil or coconut oil and salt to season. You can also get pre-made bags at the movie theater if you do not want to make it yourself.

Remember that while movie popcorn is usually lower in calories than regular popcorn, it still contains calories and grams of fat.

If you are looking for a lower-calorie snack, try the fresh fruits offered at the theater instead! An additional bonus is that it will keep you more full due to its higher water content.

Remember that diabetes affects people differently, so what may be a safe amount for one person may be too much for someone else.

What about organic movie popcorn?

can diabetics eat movie popcorn

Many people ask whether diabetics can eat organic movie popcorn. The answer is yes!

Unlike most foods, popcorn is one where the type of corn you use does not affect its glucose content. Regular corn is what is used to make movie popcorn.

The biggest factor in making movie popcorn diabetic friendly is the buttery flavor spray. Some versions do use a sugar solution to create the flavor, which would be no-go for diabetes.

Just make sure to check the label for any additives that could raise blood glucose levels. Some may contain glycerin, which comes from cellulose and would not affect diabetes.

What about natural movie popcorn?


While most movie theaters offer popcorn that is coated in salt and butter, you can always ask for your popcorn to be made without these ingredients.

Many movie theaters now offer natural popcorn that is made using vegan butter and salt free seasoning. If you are still worried about having too much starch, then opt for this!

You can also make your own natural popcorn at home. Simply use coconut oil to grease the pan and sprinkle on some garlic powder and sea salt to season it. You are done!

Diabetics can enjoy this snack as long as it does not affect their blood glucose levels. Once again, check the number of carbs in this snack and how it affects you!

This movie theater snack is a better choice compared to renting out movies and cooking your own food, as that could possibly increase your blood glucose levels.

What about flavored movie popcorn?

can diabetics eat movie popcorn

While plain movie popcorn is safe for diabetics, flavored popcorn and infused oils for the popcorn are not. Most movie theaters offer butter and cheddar flavored popcorn, which are not diabetes friendly.

Since most of the time the oil used to make the popcorn flavory is not a diabetic-friendly oil, you would have to guess how much of a reduction in carbs it has depending on what oil it uses.

Unfortunately, most movie theaters use coconut oil or rapeseed oil as their popping oils, which are not low in carbs.

What about salty movie popcorn?


Even if you can’t eat regular movie popcorn, you can enjoy the salty flavor in smaller doses. There are several ways to do this!

You can purchase pre-made low-sodium or no-sodium popcorn kernels and make your own popcorn at home. You can also purchase lower salt flavored or butter flavors that do not contain actual salt.

If you are able to eat some grains, then mixing in a small amount of brown rice into your popcorn is also a way to reduce the excess salt. Just make sure it does not get burnt, as then it will not be very tasty.

If you are diabetic and need to watch your blood sugar levels, movie night is a great time to let loose and enjoy some fun movies.

What about sweet movie popcorn?

can diabetics eat movie popcorn

While movie theater popcorn is almost always made in a 100% coconut oil, diabetics cannot eat the popcorn unless it is ordered without sugar.

Typically, the popcorn is cooked in a mixture of coconut oil and sugar, which makes it unhealthy for people with diabetes to eat. The diabetes diet does not allow large amounts of sugar, so this snack is not allowed.

If you are looking for a fun movie night snack, try making your own popcorn at home! You can use any kind of oil you like, but most people use coconut oil because it has a high burning point.

Which types of sugar can diabetics use on their popcorns?


Diabetics can enjoy regular popcorn if they mix their own salt and sugar. You can use any type of granulated sugar on your popcorn, including brown sugar.

If you are looking for a less refined sugar option, then coconut sugar is a great one to use. It has a subtle coconut flavor that does not over power the buttery popcorn flavor.

Or diabetics can use vegan candy toppings like chocolate chips, dried fruit, or nuts to add some flavor. You can even make your own topping with melted down candies for a fun, colorful piece of the movie experience.

Diabetics should be careful when eating any food that is high in calories and glucose. Movie theater popcorns are an easy way to overeat due to the large size of the bag. One way to help prevent this is to eat half of the bag first, and then return for the other half an hour later.

Are there any benefits to eating movie popcorns?

can diabetics eat movie popcorn

Yes! While movie popcorn is typically notorious for being overly salty, most theaters offer at least one type of popcorn that is less salted. You can always ask for them to sprinkle on less salt as well.

Even if the theater popcorn is normally salty, it is always a good idea to eat unsalted foods when you are diabetic. The more control you have over the level of sodium in your diet, the better!

Besides being lower in sodium, movie popcorn is typically healthier than other snacks because it contains unrefined grains. Grains like wheat, rice, and corn are eaten in their natural form which keeps all of the nutrients intact.

Also, since movie popcorn is typically not a main snack item for people, proportionally it may not have as much calories or carbs as other foods.

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