Thousands of Yes activists to form human chain across Scotland

What is the Chain of Freedom event?

The Chain of Freedom is a massive demonstration of support for Scottish independence that will take place on Saturday, October 14, 2023. Thousands of Yes activists will line up along the Forth and Clyde canal, which stretches from Bowling to Falkirk, and form a human chain. The event is one of the biggest pro-independence rallies ever organised and aims to show the determination and unity of the Yes movement.

How to participate in the Chain of Freedom event?

Organisers are urging potential participants to register at the event website to ensure health and safety at the event runs smoothly. Participants can either choose or be allocated a section of the canal based on their location. Many Yes hubs and groups are organising buses to go to their assigned sections. Participants are encouraged to bring banners and flags, as well as drinking water to stay hydrated. Extra flags will also be useful to fill any gaps in the chain.

What are the rules and regulations for the Chain of Freedom event?

The event has some rules and regulations that participants must follow for their own safety and the success of the event. These include:

yes activists human chain scotland

  • No drones are allowed at the event, as recommended by the emergency services.
  • No alcohol is allowed at the event.
  • No furniture is allowed at the event, except for what is already in place along the route.
  • Lock gates and pontoons are not to be used, accessed, or climbed on during the event.
  • Routine users of the canal will still have access to paths being used for the event, so participants must be mindful of walkers and cyclists during the chain.
  • Stewards will be present along the route with ropes in case of incidents involving the canal.

What is the schedule and agenda for the Chain of Freedom event?

The event will start at 12 pm, when participants are asked to be at their sections. The human chain will be formed at 12:30 pm and will last for about 15 minutes. The organisers hope to capture aerial footage of the chain using helicopters and planes. After the chain is completed, participants can enjoy music, food, and speeches at various locations along the canal. The event will end at 4 pm.

Why is the Chain of Freedom event important for Scottish independence?

The Chain of Freedom event is important for Scottish independence because it will demonstrate the strength and solidarity of the Yes movement. It will also send a clear message to Westminster that Scotland wants to have another referendum on its future. The event will also raise awareness and inspire more people to join the cause of independence. The organisers hope that the event will be a historic moment that will be remembered for generations.

What are the challenges and opportunities for Scottish independence?

Scottish independence faces many challenges and opportunities in the current political and social context. Some of the challenges include:

  • The UK government’s refusal to grant a Section 30 order that would allow Scotland to hold a legal referendum.
  • The uncertainty and impact of Brexit on Scotland’s economy, trade, and rights.
  • The division and polarisation among Scottish voters on the issue of independence.
  • The lack of international recognition and support for Scotland’s right to self-determination.

Some of the opportunities include:

  • The growing dissatisfaction and disillusionment with Westminster’s policies and governance among Scottish voters.
  • The increasing support and demand for independence among young people, women, and ethnic minorities in Scotland.
  • The potential for Scotland to become a more prosperous, fairer, and greener country outside the UK.
  • The possibility for Scotland to rejoin or associate with the European Union as an independent state.

What will happen next after the Chain of Freedom event?

The Chain of Freedom event is expected to be a huge success that will boost the morale and momentum of the Yes movement. However, it is not clear what will happen next after the event. Will it persuade Westminster to change its stance on granting a referendum? Will it increase or decrease public support for independence? Will it trigger more actions and campaigns from both sides of the debate? The future of Scotland’s independence remains uncertain and unpredictable.

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