Scottish ministers slam UK Government over US trade talks

Scotland left in the dark about possible deal with US

The Scottish Government has expressed its serious concerns about the UK Government’s plans to negotiate a trade partnership with the US, saying it was only informed by media reports. The ministers said they were not involved in any discussions and demanded full transparency and accountability from the UK Government.

Trade deal could threaten Scottish farming and food standards

The ministers also warned that any trade deal with the US could undermine Scotland’s reputation for safety and quality in its food and drink exports. They said they would oppose any relaxation of the UK’s standards on hormone-treated beef, GM crops and chlorine washed chicken, which are banned in the EU. They said these practices were unacceptable to Scottish consumers and farmers.

Ministers call for ethical and sustainable trade policy

The ministers said they recognised the benefits of building relationships with the US, but stressed that any trade policy should be ethical and sustainable. They said they wanted to see trade deals that protect the environment, human rights, labour rights and animal welfare. They also urged the UK Government to consult with the devolved administrations and stakeholders before making any decisions.

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UK Government accused of undermining devolution

The ministers said they were disappointed by the UK Government’s lack of engagement and respect for the devolved nations. They said this was another example of how the UK Government was undermining devolution and centralising power in Westminster. They said they would continue to defend Scotland’s interests and values in any trade negotiations.

What will happen next?

The UK Government has not yet confirmed or denied the media reports of a possible trade deal with the US. It is unclear how such a deal would affect the existing trade arrangements between the UK and the EU, which are still being negotiated after Brexit. It is also uncertain how the Scottish Government will react if the UK Government goes ahead with a trade deal that contradicts Scotland’s preferences and principles.

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