Wildlife at Scottish SPCA Receives £400,000 Boost from People’s Postcode Lottery

Wildlife at the Scottish SPCA (Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) is set to benefit from a generous £400,000 funding boost, thanks to players of People’s Postcode Lottery. This significant contribution will support the rehabilitation and care of animals across Scotland, including those like Loris, a four-week-old pine marten who found herself abandoned by her mother. Loris was discovered hiding in a house with her three siblings in Spean Bridge, in the Highlands. Now under the care of the Scottish SPCA, she is thriving well.

The charity has previously received £350,000 in funding from players of the Postcode Lottery, which helped create a bat flight—a structure that allows bats to fly, roost, and build strength before being released back into the wild. In 2023, the Scottish SPCA wildlife rehabilitation center admitted over 4,500 animals, caring for a diverse range of species, from tiny voles and blue tits to large badgers and deer. Their dedicated team works tirelessly, providing milk feeds and care 365 days a year.

wildlife rehabilitation

The wildlife center’s work is crucial, giving animals a second chance they wouldn’t normally have and allowing the charity to release species into the wild that are potentially in decline or legally protected. Scottish SPCA CEO Kirsteen Campbell expressed gratitude for the support, emphasizing the organization’s commitment to animal welfare across Scotland. She highlighted the challenges faced by animals and the increasing costs of delivering vital services. The funds will enable the wildlife team to rescue, rehabilitate, and release thousands of wild animals, contributing to Scotland’s reputation as the best place in the world for animals to thrive.

Laura Chow, Head of Charities at People’s Postcode Lottery, praised the Scottish SPCA’s work and the impact of player support. She recently visited a rescue center near Alloa and witnessed firsthand the incredible efforts of the charity. With player contributions, the Scottish SPCA can continue caring for animals throughout the country.

If you encounter an animal in need, don’t hesitate to contact the charity’s confidential animal helpline at 03000 999 999.

By Ishan Crawford

Prior to the position, Ishan was senior vice president, strategy & development for Cumbernauld-media Company since April 2013. He joined the Company in 2004 and has served in several corporate developments, business development and strategic planning roles for three chief executives. During that time, he helped transform the Company from a traditional U.S. media conglomerate into a global digital subscription service, unified by the journalism and brand of Cumbernauld-media.

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