What To Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removal Reddit?

After your wisdom teeth have been removed, you will need to focus on eating soft and gentle foods. You will need to focus on protein, carbs, and liquids to regain your strength after the surgery.

Wisdom teeth removal can be an expensive procedure depending on whether you have private health insurance, national health insurance, or no insurance at all. Due to the high cost of this procedure, people often wait until they have the money to cover it.

Unfortunately, this leads to many people having to recover from surgery when they are alone or do not have the resources to eat what they need to recover properly. This can lead to longer sick days and more discomfort!

The best foods after wisdom teeth removal are usually discussed within private groups or among friends.

Soft snacks

what to eat after wisdom teeth removal reddit

After your surgery, you will probably feel hungry almost constantly. A big reason for this is because you can only eat soft foods after your surgery.

These foods are easy to find, but deciding what to eat can be difficult. Pizza, sandwiches, and burgers are some of the most popular foods people say you can eat after your surgery.

Surprisingly, waffles are one of the best foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal! Especially chocolate chip waffles topped with butter and syrup. Yum!

Other soft foods include yogurt, fruits like bananas and oranges, gelatin salads, ice cream, and cottage cheese. Almost any snack bagged food is allowed as well such as crackers or chips.

Avoid eating raw vegetables and nuts until your mouth heals completely. This is because it is easy to chuck them out but dig them in which would hurt your healed mouth.

Hard snacks

what to eat after wisdom teeth removal reddit

After your surgery, you will be given guidelines on what you can and cannot eat. Most doctors recommend soft foods and minimal chewing for a few days after surgery.

You will most likely be told to stick to liquids for a day or two following surgery, which makes it tricky to get enough nutrients and hydration.

Avoiding heavy meals such as meats and starches is also recommended to reduce swelling. Swelling can be very painful after surgery and may last several days or weeks depending on the procedure.

Har d snacks such as crackers, chips, and cookies are allowed after wisdom teeth removal as they are soft foods. Having these types of snacks available soon after surgery can be helpful in getting you back to a normal diet.

Drinking lots of water is important too, so do not limit that! Giving your body the nutrients and hydration it needs will help with healing and feeling better.


what to eat after wisdom teeth removal reddit

Some dental professionals advise eating soft foods for one to two days after your surgery. This includes soup!

Soup can be a great way to eat after your surgery. It is easy to digest and can be delicious. You can even make your own soup, which can be a fun task after the process of having your wisdom teeth removed.

Soup is a category of food that includes some of the most nutritious ones. As mentioned before, carrots are a healthy vegetable option after surgery, so why not make a carrot soup?

It will be easy to digest and you can add other spices to make it tasty. Some other spices that go well in carrot soup are oregano, cumin, and garlic.



Smoothies are a great way to get nutrition into your body quickly and easily. Making them can be a quick process as well, making them an ideal meal after surgery.

They are also very easy to make, as you can buy the ingredients and blenders at almost any store. You can even use the bulletproof coffee beans to make a smoothie!

The trick is to find the right texture smoothie for you. Some people like thicker smoothies, while others like more watery ones. Find what works for you!

Post-surgery smoothies should contain nutrients that help heal inflammation in the mouth and promote bone growth.

Egg yolks


Many users on the What to Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removal Reddit mentioned eating egg yolks as a good starting point. Many users also mentioned being careful with the amount of eggs you eat and taking it slow.

Eggs are a great source of protein, and since your body is recovering, the protein in eggs will help you rebuild muscle. They are also rich in choline, which helps produce brain cell membranes, keeping your memory strong.

Eggs are also cost-effective and easy to prepare. You can make an omelet or scrambled eggs quickly and carry them with you if you are hungry later.

Other users suggested avoiding egg whites until your body has recovered as they are high in protein and could hinder recovery due to that fact.

Protein shakes


A common recommendation for post-wisdom tooth surgery eaters is protein shakes. These can come in the form of milk, powders, or gummies.

Many people prefer milk protein shakes as they can taste better. Powder protein shakes can seem less satisfying, although you can make them more creamy with the right instructions.

Those who are lactose intolerant may prefer powder protein shakes as they can be made lactose-free. Milk may cause discomfort for some post-surgery patients due to its fat content.

Gummy protein snacks are easier to digest and therefore a better choice for those suffering from digestive issues due to surgery. All of these options are acceptable after surgery!

If you are not a fan of any of these proteins, try to find ones that are high in calcium and vitamin D to help heal your teeth and bone.

Ice cream


Many people mention ice cream as a nice thing to eat after wisdom teeth removal. It is mentioned by many people on the WTEs after surgery Reddit thread as well as in many other places.

Many say it is good because it is soft and easy to chew. It is also said to be good because it is sweet, which can help with the discomfort of surgery recovery.

Others say that any soft food is helpful, so any veggies or meats that are easy to chew are also good choices. Some say they had trouble with that and found it harder to eat normal food for a while.


what to eat after wisdom teeth removal reddit

Many users on the After Wisdom Teeth Removal Reddit forum recommend eating marshmallows after tooth removal. Many say it helps with texture and consistency, making foods like pasta and soup easier to eat.

Marshmallows are also said to be easy to digest, which is important after surgery. By having your own homemade marshmallows, you can ensure they are safe to eat post-surgery!

Marshmallow fluff can also be used as a creamy topping for foods like toast or pancakes. This is also said to be very soft and easy to digest.

Others suggest crispy foods like chips and fries as well as things like yogurt and jello after surgery. These users also recommend avoiding things like nuts, eggs, and meat for a few days after surgery due to texture and taste changes.

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