What Is A Club Steak?

A club steak is not actually a steak at all! It’s made of lower quality meat that has been cut into a thinner piece with thicker pieces of meat next to it. The thicker pieces are what gives it its name — they resemble a “club” shape when sliced horizontally.

A club steak can be tough or very tender, depending on how much fat it contains and whether you grill or broil it. When cooking a club steak, make sure to cook it long enough so that it gets cooked all the way through and it doesn’t dry out too much.

There are some recipes where a well-done club steak is wanted, but we will discuss why those aren’t necessarily good things in this article. So, if you’re looking for more delicious ways to prepare a club steak, keep reading! You’ll find several recipes here. Some include ingredients like chimichurri sauce which are great additions to taste bit by bit while letting the steak rest.

Who has club steaks?


So what is a ‘club steak’? Some people may be surprised to find out that some premium meat doesn’t necessarily come with its own knife! A club steak does, and it can make or break your experience when eating this meat.

A classic club steak comes from the thigh area of the cow. The inner thighs are the most tender so these are the best option for eating this meat. It is very common to cook them as dry-aged beef which adds another layer of flavor and texture to the meat.

There are two things that determine if a steak is a ‘true’ club steak or not. The first one is whether or not it has been cooked all the way through. If it has, then it cannot have a true club shape!
The second thing is whether or not there is enough fat left on the meat to create that distinctive style cut.

How to cook a club steak

what is a club steak

If you are ever in need of some good quality meat, then a club steak is for you! A club steak is similar to a flank steak or flat-out called a beefsteak. The key difference between the two is that a club steak has been folded over onto itself so that it resembles a little “club” shape.

Cooking a club steak is slightly different from cooking a normal rib eye or New York style strip because you have to remember to partially cook the top part first before serving it. This gives it more flavor and texture which is why most people prefer them!

When baking a club steak, your grill must be able to hold an oven temperature of at least 350°F. Because there are two parts to the steak, half will roast and brown while the other stays lighter and white due to not being cooked enough.

Tips for cooking a club steak


When baking or broiling a club meat, like a rib eye or strip steak, there are some things that you need to be careful of. The first is temperature! These types of meats get tough when cooked too high or not enough.

When broaching 200 degrees Fahrenheit, your grill can quickly burn down or scorch the surface which will prevent proper browning and flavor development. To ensure safe eating, cook it until it reaches its desired internal temperature then let rest for at least ten minutes before slicing and serving.

Another tip is to make sure your grill is in good shape! If your grill does not work properly, the temperatures may fluctuate making the meat over- or undercooked. This could potentially hurt your health if raw foods were consumed or if burned food contains unsafe levels of salt or acid. Make sure your grill is working correctly by testing heat using a non-stick pan or piece of bread.

Once again, with respect to red meat, the amount of fat needed to keep us healthy has become politicized. Some say less is better while others argue for more. There is no wrong way to prepare a steak as long as you know how to do so safely.

What goes into a club steak?

what is a club steak

When talking about what kind of meat to use in a club steak, there are two main ingredients– beef or chicken and bread. The bread is usually toast that has been buttered and broiled together with the meat.

The butter can be spread onto the bread before it is mixed in with the meat or melted into the already cooked meat. This helps keep the meat moist as well as adding more flavor.

The amount of bread used in a club steak will vary depending on how much people like them and how much space they have left after eating the meat. Some people may even forget to eat their lunch because they are so busy chowing down on the steak!

Be sure to either cook the burger enough so that everyone gets at least some meat or buy enough extra for another meal later.

Is it really worth the price?

what is a club steak

A club steak is defined as any rib or loin steak that has been very thinly sliced across the grain, creating a kind of flat-breaded steak. This process is usually done using a machine called a meat slicer, which uses heavy pressure to slice through the thick muscle tissue of the beef to create thin slices.

Some people say that slicing a steak this way removes part of the flavor due to the thinner layer being touched by the grill, but there are ways to mitigate this! The best way to cook a club steak is broil it until it reaches an internal temperature of at least 120°F (49°C). Then, let it sit for five minutes before cutting into it so it can cool down slightly.

Club steaks typically cost around $8 per half pound – one quarter pound will probably not make too much of a difference in taste unless you are a super expensive steak connoisseur. Because they are such thin pieces of meat, most people do not need a whole club steak to get their dose of selenium.

Are they really that good?


Now, some may argue that a club steak is not actually a steak at all but rather like an oversized hamburger or maybe even just plain meat with cheese. While this is true to an extent, it does not apply to most reputable clubs!

Clubs are typically made of thick cut rib-eye beef that has been dry aged (the process where raw meat is dried, sometimes mixed in butter or other fats, and then refrigerated) for a few weeks before being cooked. The thickness comes from the rib bone which adds flavor and texture to the steak.

There you have it! A clear definition of what a club steak is 🙂

Now if you happen to find one somewhere that doesn’t meet those criteria, run far away because there probably isn’t anything delicious about them.

Club steaks are not the same as rib eye steaks


Technically, a club steak is not a rib or flat-cut steak at all! A club steak is actually a thick sliced strip steak that has been folded over onto itself to create an extra inch of thickness.

The fold is what gives it its name – “club” because when you cook it, it looks like a large chunk of meat for members of The American Club. Some people call them ‘folded strip steak’ because of this.

This technique can be done with any cut of beef (sirloin, top sirlion, bottom sirlion, flank) but we will talk more about those later. It is best to use a very cold piece of meat to ensure success in cooking.

What is a rib eye steak?

That’s like asking what is an elbow or which of your fingers are not attached to another body part! A rib-eye steak is well known for its buttery, rich flavor and thickness. It is also one of the most expensive steak types due to it being more popular with restaurant patrons.

Thicker steaks require longer cooking times in order to roast all the way through and achieve that perfect degree of doneness. The reason why people eat them is because they taste good!

So how do you make the best tasting rib eyes at home? There are several tips to ensure their dry, crispy outside and juicy inside. And remember, every cook may call this steak different names but we will always refer to it as a rib eye.

We can’t say enough about the importance of quality meat when preparing food. Fortunately, there are many great sources of beef meat available these days.

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