What Do Boba Balls Taste Like?

Boba or boba balls are sweet snacks made with tapioca pearls. They can be found in many varieties, including vanilla, coffee, chocolate, and rainbow flavors. They also come with different toppings such as cream, fruits, and jellies.

People can be very opinionated about the taste of boba. Many people have never tried it, and those who have can have different tastes about what flavors they like and do not. Some say it has a fishy or seaweed taste, while others say it is bland.

Some people even mix boba with other foods such as ice cream or pudding! It seems that you can enjoy bobas in many ways depending on your preference.

There are many places to get bobas these days so you will not have trouble finding someone to sell them to you. You can buy them individually or by bag depending on how many people want to eat them.


what do boba balls taste like

While many boba drinks feature honeydew flavor, you can make your own boba with honeydew melon balls. Once again, you will need to cut the melon into small balls, but instead of using them as is, you will need to hollow them out.

You will need to cut a circle in the middle of the ball and then cut out the inside edges to create a shell. These shells can be dried and stored for later use.

Then, mix up the batter using flour, baking powder, and milk. Let the batter sit for a few minutes to thicken up before dropping in the melon shells. Bake until golden and cool on their own before using in boba drinks!

These are more difficult to make than regular balls so try asking your friends or family to help you make these for your next boba night.


what do boba balls taste like

Watermelon boba tastes the best, in our humble opinion. It is also the hardest flavor to find! Many places do not carry it, or have it seasonally.

Many boba shops will have watermelon syrup they use for other flavors, like strawberry. You can ask your boba shop if they have any extra watermelon syrup you could try- maybe you can convince them to stock it!

If you are feeling adventurous, you could make your own watermelon syrup. It would take a few tries to get it just right, but then you would have delicious, fresh watermelon boba forever!

Some people prefer the seeds in their watermelon so they can add extra crunch. If you like this texture, then get yourself some seeds and add them in! You can also mix in some cubed watermelon for more of a mixed texture bowl.



The next flavor is usually one of the top favorites: peach. This flavor is very popular in drinks, including bubble tea. Many cafes offer a peach bubble tea, making it easy to try a new flavor when you go to get your boba fix.

Many people say that the best combination is honey mango with peach juice. The sweetness of the honey mango balances out the slight tartness of the peach juice, making for a perfect pairing!

Some boba shops may run out of certain juices or flavors depending on what distributors they use. If you have a favorite flavor that your boba place does not have, ask if they can add some extra juice to another drink to make yours.

Sour candy


Boba balls are almost always made out of a sour candy. Most commonly, they are made of honey, sugar, and sometimes glucose. Sometimes powder or butter is added to the mix as well.

These are what give the boba balls their texture and flavor. Typically, boba tastes like honey and grape or orangey-berry flavors. Some boba places offer vanilla or chocolate as well!

Some people enjoy sucking on the balls without any tea or juice in it. This is a great way to taste all of the components of the boba ball itself! You will taste the sweetness from the sugar and honey, and maybe even get a hint of vanilla.

If you do not like the texture of boba balls, try asking for less of a particular flavor in your tea or juicé to reduce the density of the ball.

Citrus juice

what do boba balls taste like

While many boba drinks use coconut juice or milk, there is a large contingent that loves the sweetness of citrus juice.

The flavors most used are lemon, orange, and lime. These give very distinct flavors that set your drink apart. For example, a mango green tea with orange juice is very refreshing!

Some boba shops may have restrictions on using certain juices due to cost or availability. It is always nice to ask what juices they have available so you can get your favorite flavor!

Overall, any citrus juice will be delicious in boba.

Chinese tea

what do boba balls taste like

Although bubble or boba tea is a drink most people know, there is another type of tea you can get with your boba! Chinese tea is a refreshing way to drink your tea.

There are many different types of Chinese tea, but the most common ones used in bubble tea are jasmine and chrysanthemum. These teas have a lighter, more floral taste which pairs nicely with the tapioca balls.

Sometimes baristas will give you the option of what kind of Chinese tea you would like- green, oolong, or jasmine. If you are not a fan of the floral taste, opt out for the green or oolong to eliminate that flavor.

Some baristas may run out of certain teas so if your favorite is not available, try something new! Having an alternative flavor always surprises people and makes for a fun try-out.

Coconut water


Coconut water has been a staple flavor in boba for some time. It is one of the few flavors that can rival chocolate as people’s favorite. Coconut water has been a trend for some time as well, so it is good to know that it is here to stay!

Many boba shops use fresh coconut water, which is a bonus. Since coconuts are usually available at supermarkets, buying extra juice may not be too expensive.

Some boba shops use canned coconut water which may cost more depending on the brand you buy. Either way, both taste good and are refreshing!

If you have never tried the combo, we recommend trying it! The sweetness of the coconut complements the tartness of the boba very well.

Protein powder

what do boba balls taste like

Adding protein powder to your boba tea makes for an interesting flavor. You can pick from a variety of flavors, including vanilla, chocolate, and matcha.

Many boba shops offer the classic peanut butter flavor which is made by adding a soy protein powder to the caramel sauce. This gives it a slight grayish color as well as a salty flavor.

Some boba shops also offer vanilla coconut milk instead of regular milk in your tea which is a delicious addition. The sweetness of the coconut milk complements the sugar in the tea and caramel beautifully.

If you are not into protein shakes or want to use up what you have at home, try adding just a little bit to your boba tea for a slight hint of flavor! It is hard to notice if you use just enough protein powder for taste but enough nutrition.

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