Two-way player Ty Jerome sidelined due to NBA contract rules

San Francisco Warriors’ two-way player, Ty Jerome, has not played in the last 11 games, with his pre-game routine changing as a result of a contract rule for two-way players in the NBA. Jerome last played over three weeks ago and has been staying on the sideline in a sweatsuit since then. Two-way players are allowed just 50 active games with their respective NBA teams, and Jerome was up to 47 through March 11. Jerome is healthy and would love to play, but his contract prevents it. The Warriors chose to stay in-house but converted Anthony Lamb to a standard contract before their March 17 game, giving him their final roster spot.

The Warriors’ decision

The Warriors had a decision to make with their open roster spot, which they eventually gave to Anthony Lamb, and promoted Lester Quinones from the G League as the second two-way contract. Warriors coach Steve Kerr was honest with Jerome, and general manager Bob Myers. Even if they weren’t, Jerome didn’t have a blind eye to the Warriors’ roster construction. Without Wiggins since Feb. 13, and Iguodala being out for at least the rest of the regular season because of a broken left wrist, Lamb was more needed by default.

Two-way player Ty Jerome
Two-way player Ty Jerome

Jerome’s role

When Curry went down with a lower left leg injury from Feb. 6 through March 3, Jerome appeared in all 11 games, averaging 7.2 points and 4.2 assists in 20.4 minutes per night and shooting 48.5 percent from the field. Jerome then was inactive for Curry’s first two games back before scoring 11 points against the Memphis Grizzlies and then playing 14-plus minutes in the last game he appeared in, against Milwaukee.

The future

Jerome’s status as a two-way player is set to change again on Tuesday night against the Oklahoma City Thunder, as the 25-year-old point guard will be able to play in three more games due to the 50 active games rule for two-way players. After those three games, Jerome’s future with the Warriors remains uncertain.

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