Tory MP Lisa Cameron faces backlash after defecting from SNP

Why did Lisa Cameron leave the SNP?

  • Lisa Cameron was the SNP MP for East Kilbride, Strathaven and Lesmahagow since 2015.
  • She announced her intention to join the Conservatives last week, citing a “toxic culture” within the SNP group at Westminster.
  • She said she felt “isolated” and “intimidated” by her former colleagues, especially after she defended a teenage victim of sexual harassment by Patrick Grady, an SNP MP who resigned in June.
  • She also said she had no faith in the SNP leadership, who supported the perpetrator’s interests over the victim’s.

How did the public react to Lisa Cameron’s defection?

  • Lisa Cameron said she had received a “torrent of abuse” and threats from angry SNP supporters and members.
  • She said she had been forced into hiding with her family after receiving emails about being “bricked in the street”.
  • She said she was shocked and saddened by the level of hostility and violence directed at her.
  • She appealed for calm and respect, saying that everyone has the right to change their political views.

What did the SNP say about Lisa Cameron’s defection?

  • The SNP dismissed Lisa Cameron’s claims of a toxic culture as “unsubstantiated” and “baseless”.
  • The First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said Lisa Cameron’s constituents would feel “deeply let down” by her actions and that she should resign.
  • The SNP said Lisa Cameron had betrayed the trust of the voters who elected her on a pro-independence, centre-left platform.
  • The SNP said Lisa Cameron had joined a party that was responsible for austerity, Brexit, and immigration crackdowns.

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What did the Conservatives say about Lisa Cameron’s defection?

  • The Conservatives welcomed Lisa Cameron to their party, saying she was a “principled” and “courageous” politician.
  • The Conservative leader Douglas Ross said Lisa Cameron had shown “great bravery” in standing up to the SNP’s bullying and intimidation.
  • The Conservatives said Lisa Cameron had recognised the benefits of being part of a strong United Kingdom that delivers for Scotland.
  • The Conservatives said Lisa Cameron had joined a party that was committed to levelling up, investing in public services, and creating jobs.

What are the implications of Lisa Cameron’s defection?

  • Lisa Cameron’s defection is a rare and dramatic event in British politics, as MPs rarely switch parties mid-term.
  • Lisa Cameron’s defection reduces the SNP’s majority in Westminster from 47 to 46 seats, while increasing the Conservatives’ from 364 to 365 seats.
  • Lisa Cameron’s defection could have an impact on the next General Election, which is expected to be held in autumn next year.
  • Lisa Cameron’s defection could also affect the prospects of a second independence referendum, which the SNP has been pushing for.
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